Why Should I Use Steel Shipping Containers to Create an Office Addition?

Is your small business expanding? Do you want to onboard a bunch of new employees but don’t have the space for them in your current office? Instead of going through the hassle of finding a new office space or constructing a new office space altogether, you can invest in shipping container office addition construction. This method is a great way to meet your space requirements while remaining in your typical office space. They’re cheaper, highly durable, and simple to use. Here are three key advantages of using steel shipping containers for your office addition project.

1. Cost-Effectiveness

Building an office addition using shipping containers is more cost-effective than traditional building methods. According to Container Exchange, you can get a shipping container for as low as $2,000. Constructing your shipping container office addition requires fewer building materials and labor. All you need to do is find a reliable contractor to help you with the construction. Here at Integrated Equipment Sales, we specialize in office modifications for shipping containers!

2. Availability

According to Show House, there are around 17 million steel shipping containers worldwide. Of these, only six million are in use. This means about 11 million shipping containers are currently lying unused. These could be converted into structures for people to utilize. As you might imagine, this also means that finding a shipping container to use for your office addition won’t be a huge struggle. That, coupled with the fact that they’re quite affordable, makes them perfect for office additions.

3. Ease of Construction

Another advantage of using steel shipping containers to create an office addition is that structures built using containers are quick to construct. In fact, you can get a prefabricated addition. This significantly cuts down the time needed for construction. Plus, when you hire professional modifiers, you can focus on your business expansion and let the experts get to work!

There are countless advantages to using shipping containers for your office addition. It’s not only cheaper but you can quickly create a space for your new employees to work while remaining in your usual office. If you’re looking for steel shipping containers to use for your office addition, get in touch with Integrated Equipment Sales today! We’re happy to assist you in modifying a container so your business can expand and flourish.

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