At IES, we provide our customers with a variety of new and used shipping containers for sale ct. A 20 foot shipping container is considered the most standard and common size. All of our shipping containers are secure and watertight and can endure the elements. They are impermeable to insect and rodent infestation, rot, mold, decay, moisture and high levels of humidity.

20 Foot Shipping Container Exterior Dimensions

20 Foot Shipping Container Interior Dimensions

The interior dimensions of a 20 foot shipping container are 18’ 8 13/16”in length, 7’ 8 19/32” in width, and 7’9 57/64” in height.

20 Foot Shipping Container Applications

Our 20 foot steel cargo containers have become the standard for portable job site storage and commercial storage solutions, but it has many other applications. Some of these applications include:

  • Storing agricultural and livestock supplies
  • Storing hazardous materials, paint, and a variety of other chemicals
  • Storing business records, files and books
  • Storing various tools and equipment
  • Storing sports equipment at a school yard or recreational field and/or facility
  • Storing household items including furniture and appliances
  • Storing a vehicle, motorcycle, tractor, boat, snowplow, or ATV
  • Storing shipboard supplies
  • Police, fire, EMT, or SAR equipment
  • Portable generators

Used shipping containers for sale ct are a great solution for temporary or permanent storage at any location; whether a business, commercial, industrial or residential site. Aside from providing you with needed additional storage, they offer ground level access and are portable, making them easy to move as needed.

20 Foot Shipping Container Modifications

Typically, our 20 foot shipping containers have lockable double doors on one end and thick marine plywood flooring on the interior. IES also specializes in modifying both new and used shipping containers to meet your exact needs. Our modification services include custom doors, windows and skylights, climate control, interior options, locks, shelving, painting, as well as many other specialty projects. Whether your modifications needs are simple or complex, our team of experienced representatives is ready to make your vision come to reality.

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