Used Storage Containers in Chicago

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Here at IES Chicago, we have a variety of different-sized used shipping containers for sale in Chicago. Whether you own residential property or manage a commercial business, used shipping containers offer a variety of purposes based on your needs. These containers are great for storing equipment, transforming into offices, turning into studios or personal gyms, creating a space to store lawn and garden equipment, designing a pop-up for your business, and more. Put our years of experience in the storage container modification industry to work for you! We also offer the option for a used storage container rental in Chicago for short-term storage needs.

Advantages of Purchasing and Modifying Used Storage Containers in Chicago

If you are interested in our used storage containers in Chicago, here are a few benefits to consider:

  • Affordable. Purchasing used shipping containers for sale in Chicago is likely the most cost-effective option for both home and business owners. Used shipping containers are cheaper than new ones, and since IES Chicago prioritizes quality, you can count on the used options to be just as durable and versatile!
  • Long-lasting. As stated above, quality is everything. This is why our shipping containers are long-lasting whether they are used for residential or commercial projects.
  • Room for creativity. Our team specializes in storage container modification services. We can make your vision come true, down to customized doors and windows and the paint colors you adore!
  • Eco-friendly. When you purchase a used storage container, you’re making an eco-friendly decision. The last thing we want to do is put used containers in landfills; instead, we prioritize the sale of used containers!

Connect With Us Today

Whether you need a used storage container rental in Chicago or you’re interested in purchasing a used shipping container for residential or commercial purposes, we’re here to help. Contact IES Chicago today!

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