The Endless Possibilities of Steel Shipping Containers

Steel shipping containers are sort of like the Swiss Army knife of industrial assets. There are so many ways to modify and use them that it would take an entire search engine just to fit them all into one place. Whether you want doors or windows, or are using them for work purposes or leisure, the possibilities are endless.

7700361 20151008 6399515 - The Endless Possibilities of Steel Shipping ContainersFor starters, here’s the basics of shipping containers. They’re typically used for the transportation of cargo, and they play a huge role in world imports and exports. In fact, shipping constitutes about 90% of the world’s trade, and most of that is done through the magic of roughly 20 million weather-resistant, water-tight steel shipping containers.

Now, for the fun stuff. Custom containers can be created for just about anything you can think of. They are absolutely ideal for remote projects that you need housing for, and there’s a ton of other great ways to repurpose them at an extremely low cost. Here are just a few of the most popular uses for steel shipping containers:

Portable office containers.

There is no better solution for your portable office needs than shipping containers. It allows you to bring your work wherever it needs to be, and they’re also perfect to add to your existing workplace. In a recent study of more than 2,400 employees, it was found that the more employees work in tight quarters, the more they take sick days. While this is just an ancillary benefit of a portable office, it goes to show just how much they can do for your workplace.

Pop-up shop.

Shipping containers can be outfitted with climate control, windows, doors with locks, and everything else you need to work out of what is essentially a small, inexpensive store. Whether it’s a boutique clothing store or your own little café, a shipping container can provide the tools you need to succeed. You can have them outfitted with shelves, lighting, awnings, and tons of other add-ons to accommodate your business.

Play room for kids.

One of the most popular trends in the steel shipping container industry is placing them in the backyard as a clubhouse for children. Every kid wants their own place to bring friends and play, and shipping containers make the perfect private space for your children to make their own. They allow kids to get creative and offer protection from rain and snow to let them play for as long as they’d like.

These are just three of the infinite ways that shipping containers can be useful to you. A great distributor can customize your container to fit your needs, and once you have them, you can do any number of things to truly personalize your shipping container experience. Have fun!

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