3 Alternative Uses for a Steel Cargo Container

Once modified, a steel cargo container can have almost unlimited uses beyond its traditional use as a place to store or transports supplies. They also come in a variety of sizes, from 40 foot containers, which are fairly standard, to sizes as great as 180 feet wide and 1,3000 feet long. Furthermore, because shipping containers are meant to be moved around, they can be placed wherever you need them, like as a pop-up business or an addition to a work site. This means that there are endless options for a modified shipping container, limited only by what you want out of a steel cargo container.

Here are three of the many options for modifying a storage container:

They Can Act as a Modified Office

Many businesses are looking towards modified shipping containers as a new way of constructing their offices. This is because of the flexibility that they offer, as they can be moved where they are needed. This is great for a construction company, which won’t always work in the same location, or other work that happens at off-site locations like an archeological dig. This environmentally friendly option is also customizable to fit the needs of the portable office. It’s not a one size fits all, generic office that you’d be getting. On top of all that, they’re also a great economic decision for a business. It’s both cheaper than building an office from scratch, but can also be sold later for a profit, or if not a profit then at least a portion of the initial cost.

They Make Great Concessions Stands

Almost every sporting event, from youth sports for children through professional sports, have concessions stands at them. Of course, sports aren’t the only place that you’ll find a concession stand. Fireworks, parades, air shows, fun runs, and any event that draws a notable crowd will need a concession stand to help keep everyone full and happy.

Steel cargo containers are easily converted into concession stands, and much like food trucks the mobility that is offered by a shipping container allows the shipping container to become a portable concession stand, going to events throughout the region. Furthermore, due to their size, shipping containers can offer some shelter to sit and eat at if there is bad weather for the event they’re serving, making them a great option to replace the traditional concession stand that typically amounts to some folding tables and a tent.

They Can Become a Seasonal Shop

In shopping malls, strip malls, empty lots, and parking lots across the country there are seasonal pop-up shops that appear over the course of the year. Around October they’ll sell costumes and Halloween decorations, and come the winter those spaces tend to be filled with Christmas trees, ornaments, and other winter holiday supplies. They’ll even pop-up to sell fireworks at the start of summer in states where they’re legal.

A converted steel cargo container makes a great alternative to traditional pop-up shops. It can be moved wherever there is space or would be the best for the business, while also being customized to fit the needs of whichever particular season they’re in, versatile when necessary, and is easily turned over into different seasons. Furthermore, because modified shipping containers are a cheaper option than traditional structures it helps the bottom line of a pop-up seasonal shop.

Because these modified shipping containers are customizable, they can fit almost any need you can think of for them. These are just three options in a world full of possibilities beyond these. That’s the true strength of using a modified shipping container, their versatility in purpose.

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