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Why You Should Consider Buying a Refrigerated and Insulated Shipping Container

Shipping containers have been quite useful over the last few decades in different applications. They have also evolved a lot and there are therefore many types of shipping containers, and among them are refrigerated and insulated shipping containers. Read on to see some reasons why you should consider buying a refrigerated and insulated shipping container…
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How Shipping Containers Make For Great Portable Concession Stands

Concession stands are classic components of major games and events. And that’s for a good reason. On a practical level, concession stands allow people to get the food and drinks that they need, ensuring that they stick around through the event and enjoy their time. On a financial level, concession stands enable those holding the…
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Is it Better to Rent or Buy a Shipping Container?

Used storage containers have many uses. You can use them to ship your goods or to store items at a construction site. Before they can be repurposed, shipping containers are used on large container ships that cost over US$200 million to construct. If you need one, you can either buy it or rent it. The…
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How Shipping Containers Can Work For Your Specialty Project

Shipping containers are affordable, made of steel, and are plentiful. Many people are choosing to use shipping containers for their specialty projects. They are good for the environment and do not use traditional materials like bricks and concrete. These materials take up a large amount of space. There are limitless options for how a shipping…
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