Home Additions and Side Hustles, Here Are 3 Great Ways to Use Shipping Containers

There are about 17 million shipping containers currently in the world, but only six million of those containers are in use. That means that at this very moment, there are roughly 11 million unused shipping containers just sitting there that could be used for so much more.

If you are thinking about getting creative in your life or want to pursue a side hustle or two, finding shipping containers for sale and making some moves might be your best bet. These containers are great for shipping, obviously, but they also have so many more purposes that the average person would never even consider.

From storage to a portable hobby showcase, here are some amazing ideas for utilizing the world’s shipping containers:

Turn them into a portable office

Whether you plan on doing work for your actual job or not in these mobile offices, you’ll be able to get so much more work done inside a quiet space like a secure shipping container. Getting work done in the office can be distracting and working from home is tough to focus as well, so converting a large container into your own workspace is a great idea to improve your productivity. Especially if you want to work on some side writing or any other interesting projects, these portable officers are the way to do it.

Convert them into portable concession stands

Maybe you’re a fan of live music and want to finally start going to more shows — why not turn your love of music into some extra cash? Simply set up a portable concession stand at whatever live music show or festival you want to attend, pack it up before your favorite bands hit the stage, and enjoy the show. Keep in mind, however, you’ll have to get the okay and the proper licensing, but it’s a great way to turn your love of music into a side hustle.

Add on to your home

Another great reason to find large shipping containers for sale is for home improvement additions. You can convert these containers into home offices, extra rooms, or even a storage facility on your property. Your options are limitless, you just need to make the move and acquire a container or two.

Don’t settle for just one career path if you’re not doing what you love, try and find some creative new ways to utilize your skills or showcase any great products you have to offer. If you want to find some high quality shipping containers for sale and start your next side project, contact Integrated Equipment Sales today and get to work!

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