Who Needs to Use Shipping Containers?

A lot of people and companies are looking to buy a shipping container. In fact, the whole container fleet capacity is projected to grow 7.5% in 2023, according to Statista. Who should use these containers? Here are several industries that could benefit from them.


Construction requires the use of equipment, and that equipment needs to be stored when it’s not in use. There are sheds that can be leased, but that can quickly make costs add up. Instead, shipping containers can quickly be assembled to hold these items. It’s a much better way of protecting the equipment. That’s not all, though. The construction workers could convert these containers into homes for people, too.


Manufacturers run into storage issues, too. They have a lot of raw goods, and they need to have places to put them. Rather than having to get one large warehouse, they can create several of them with the containers and even be able to have them set up to maintain certain thermal conditions. Pharmaceuticals are one of the manufacturers who could benefit from this since they can be sure to have the containers modified to meet every regulatory guideline for the storage of their components.


This one is a given. A lot of car manufacturers send their finished vehicles overseas in shipping containers. They are large enough to hold multiple vehicles and keep them safe from all kinds of outside conditions, like rain, heat, and cold.


If a school is under construction, one way to continue to teach classes when classroom space isn’t available is by utilizing shipping containers. They can be turned into temporary classrooms equipped with insulation, a whiteboard, tables and chairs, and more.

As you can see, shipping containers are used for far more than just transporting items across the seas to ultimately be put in warehouses. They can be really inexpensive solutions for scenarios that might otherwise see you facing long-term leases. You will find that your decision to buy a shipping container could be one of the best ones that you’ve ever made. If you’re looking to buy a shipping container, we can help you find ones that fit the dimensions you need. Contact Integrated Equipment Sales today to learn more!

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