What to Remember When Considering Shipping Container Purchases

Shipping containers have long transcended their original overseas shipping purpose. While many are still used to transport goods internationally, businesses and individuals have found various applications for these versatile products. Before investing in a new container, consider these ideas.

Desired Purpose

What you plan to use the container for will determine the type you purchase. For example, refrigerated shipping containers for sale must be used to store things that need a cooler environment. You’ll want to check out the possibility of modifications if you need one for business purposes, and storage containers must be in good condition to ensure they can be used for years.

Approximate Age

According to SP Global, about 12% of containers are too old to be scrapped. However, some people still purchase these containers at a discount to transport goods. Companies can use them for overseas transportation until they end their lifespan. On the other hand, an aged shipping container may not be the best option for a workspace. Consider how old it is and whether that will work for your desired purpose.

Previous Use

It’s essential to consider what a shipping container was used for previously. Ones used to store toxic chemicals shouldn’t be used for something where people will be inside it. Take the time to ask a company what a container was previously used for, the cleaning methods used, if it was sanitized, and any other questions you may have before making a purchase.

Current Condition

When looking at new shipping containers for sale, you can expect them to be in fantastic condition. Seals shouldn’t be worn down, and it should be sparkling clean. However, when it comes to used ones, you’ll need to closely inspect the condition to ensure the seals are watertight and corrosion-free.

Delivery Services

Before buying a new container, it’s essential to ask the company you’re purchasing the product from if they offer a delivery service. Ask how much the delivery fee is. New shipping containers for sale require special equipment to move them, as they can be heavy and awkward. An inexperienced person attempting to move a shipping container can cause an injury.

We offer both new and used shipping containers, and we ensure that all the seals are in good condition before selling them. Contact Integrated Equipment Sales for more information today.

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