What Can I Build with a Shipping Container?

What to Buy Jan2019 - What Can I Build with a Shipping Container?Have you seen those tiny homes made out of shipping containers? They’ve become one of the most affordable and adorable trends for homeowners today. Shipping containers are the perfect base for so many different projects; they’re practically taking over the globe! There are endless possibilities when using a shipping container to start your next project. Here’s how to let your imagination run wild.

Creating a small home seems to be the most popular option right now with the amount of housing that isn’t available. Cities are filling up so fast they can’t keep up with demand, and buying a home has never been more expensive. With these obstacles, it just makes sense to cut back on the amount of space you need and build a small home from steel shipping containers. Buying used steel storage containers for sale is cheaper than constructing a two-story home or even a one-story rancher. A large family may not be the ideal occupants for these small homes, but if you’re on your own or only living with one or two other people, you have got it made.

Mobile offices are the best option for those who work on construction projects. Being onsite gives you the power to see how the work is being done and what needs to be monitored. You can easily make changes to your project or handle grievances your staff or customers may have right away instead of having them call you at home or in another office location. Steel shipping containers are secure and you can have on-site security to watch over your office when you aren’t around. When you finish your project you simply load up your office on a truck and deliver it to the next job site. You can use your mobile office for years to come and save hundreds each month by not having to rent a space for a regular office. Budget-friendly options are great for entrepreneurs.

Ever think of owning your own store, running a food vending operation or selling other products? Steel shipping containers make great pop up shops, restaurants, or vendors of any kind. Not only can you start selling practically anything out of your own personal storefront, but you can move anytime you like to a new destination. Say you decide to sell food off a busy beachfront location during the summer and business is great. When summer ends and everyone is in the streets downtown, you can find a lot and move there instead. You will save tons of cash by not renting building space and you can follow your customers where they tend to flock to. Location is everything!

So next time you have a business idea or start thinking of homeownership, think about the options that come with using steel shipping containers. Shipping containers can last for over 20 years if they are well taken care of, that’s a long haul for a minimal investment.

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