Want to Buy an Office Container for Sale? 3 Questions to Keep in Mind

Steel cargo containers are fast gaining popularity as an affordable, convenient, and eco-friendly way to live, work, and play. From ‘tiny homes’ to container pop up shops, storage container modifications can be made to suit virtually any need.

Shipping container workstation Nov2016 300x158 - Want to Buy an Office Container for Sale? 3 Questions to Keep in MindBut perhaps one of the most popular new uses for shipping containers — besides their original purpose of transportation, of course — is for office space. While there are many creative ways to put a mobile office into action, there are a number of questions you must consider before you buy an office container for sale. This guide will help you make sure you choose the right container for all your working needs.

Question 1: How Much Space Do You Really Need?

If you plan to use a storage container as extra office space, you need to account for the number of workers you have as well as the square footage of your space. Today’s average workstation is approximately 39 square feet per individual (as opposed to 80 square feet back in 1992). A standard twenty-foot equivalent (TEU) shipping container houses approximately 144 square feet, while 40 foot shipping containers measure around 300 square feet of floor space.

Question 2: Do You Need a Permit?

Some people purchase an office container for sale only as a temporary workstation, while others use them as permanent fixtures. Either way, you’ll want to check zoning regulations in your area for setting up a structure as an office. Even if it’s only there for a short while, you may need a permit to legally set up shop.

Question 3: What’s the Condition of the Unit?

It’s important to check the condition of any office container for sale before you buy. Steel cargo containers are built to last, and buying used can be a great way to save. However, you’ll want to check for any signs of wear, damage, or rust that might affect your ability to use it as an office space, depending on your location, needs, and length of use.

Building your future office out of a used shipping container is a great way to think ‘outside the box’ when it comes to work needs. Not only will you save money and help save the environment by contributing to steel recycling projects, you’ll also get the chance to show off your creative side with a unique office space that truly reflects your business flair.

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