The Many Ways You Can Personalize Your Shipping Container

Shipping containers continue to increase in popularity because they are so versatile. A new shipping container can be transformed into a pop-up shop, additional storage space, a personal office outside the home, a container house, and more. You can modify your new shipping container to suit your needs in several ways.


Structural modifications are the most popular ways to personalize a shipping container. Some people install windows, a common upgrade for people who plan on using their shipping container as a house or personal space. Many people also add heating systems, plumbing, doors, and more. These changes help transform your container into a functional space.

Climate Control

Climate control is a crucial element in a new shipping container. This ensures that shipping containers used for food storage are at the ideal temperature to keep food safe. Climate control methods can also include insulation installation, which is necessary to use your container as a container home. This personalization is one of the best upgrades to ensure your container meets your needs.

Paint Jobs

Painting your new shipping container can instantly increase its aesthetic appeal. Many businesses using containers as pop-up shops paint them to feature their logo. A fresh paint job can also help create the appeal you want for your container. You can paint your container a neutral color, such as beige or brown. Some people want a look that matches their personality, like bright purple.


Most people purchase a new shipping container to be more eco-friendly. Then, they add several other features to the container to enjoy further sustainability. Rainwater harvest systems can help homeowners with water conservation methods. Solar panels have the potential to provide the electricity you need without having to rely on the power grid. Green roofs are another popular way to personalize your container.


As container homes continue to increase in popularity, many people are exploring the idea of multi-container configurations. According to Container Home Hub, standard containers come in 20-foot and 40-foot sizes. These are often used to expand a home with a modular design. Some people stack containers on top of one another to create two-story container homes with stairs and more. This customized layout ensures plenty of space.

Containers are so versatile that it’s hard to resist buying a new one. You can add plumbing, flooring, siding, paint, electricity, and anything else you may need. We sell new and used shipping containers. Contact Integrated Equipment Sales today to learn more.

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