The Importance of Adding Fiberglass Insulation to Your Shipping Container

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Shipping containers can serve a lot of different purposes. Used shipping container sales could be used for anything from cargo storage to home conversion. It may be necessary, however, to modify your container in certain ways so that it can suit your particular needs. If you need a climate-controlled environment, you might want to consider insulation. Let’s look at why and how to add fiberglass insulation to your container.

Why Fiberglass?

According to Forbes, fiberglass is the least expensive type of insulation material, while still providing excellent insulation from the elements and temperatures, helping to create a climate-controlled environment to suit your needs. Fiberglass is also more environmentally friendly as it is almost 30% made from recycled materials.

Why Insulate?

Insulating will create a distinct separation between the outside and inside conditions of the container. When you insulate you can keep cooled air in and warm air out. It also works in the reverse by keeping warm air in and cold air out. If you will be using the inside of the shipping container for needs that require climate control, insulating the container will be your first order of business. You will not be able to establish a climate-controlled space without insulation. If you attempt to control the climate without insulating, you will wind up using a lot of energy and never truly achieving climate control. A rep at used shipping container sales locations can offer advice on this topic.

You may need to create a climate-controlled environment because you wish to use the space to store cargo that cannot be exposed to extreme temperatures. You might also wish to create a climate-controlled space if the container is going to be used for housing, or if people or animals will be spending any amount of time in the container. In these instances, it is necessary that the space be climate controlled for safety reasons.

Does Regional Climate Matter?

Yes, the regional climate in which the container will be placed matters a lot. Certain areas will have milder climates and thus controlling the climate within the container will be less complicated. The more intense the local climate, the greater your efforts will need to be to control the shipping container climate as well.

If you are looking for used shipping container sales, please contact us today. Our experts will be happy to guide you through the process.

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