Container Pop Up Shop & Portable Concession Stands

How Can You Use A Shipping Container to Increase Business?

If there’s one thing for certain about doing business in today’s fast paced world, its the need for flexibility and adaptability. Increasingly, businesses are finding it hard to generate the right amount of sales just by staying put in their physical store — or even by pushing their merchandise online.

More and more, it has become necessary to stop waiting for customers to find you and to get up and find them instead. That’s why pop up shops are emerging as a unique way to bridge the gap between the traditional retail store experience and customers’ expectations of immediate gratification.

Recent trends in portable sales — think food trucks — all point in the direction of an innovative, re-purposed material: recycled shipping containers. The containers are easily portable, and their durable material and modular shape make them easy to personalize and retrofit to the requirements of your company and its product. A container pop up shop will draw all eyes and let customers know that you aren’t afraid to present your product, loud and proud, anywhere you need to.

Shipping container pop up shops fit the bill as an affordable and creative way to get your product, and projects, portable and adaptable. For instance, portable concession stands taken to summer festivals, farmers markets, and conferences are a great way to get people to try what you have to offer and remember you for the unique vessel you delivered it in.

In the age of micro-homes and an ever growing eco-movement, utilizing the blank canvas that a recycled shipping container offers is a great way to stay up with the times and adapt to the future. Don’t be afraid of retrofitting your container or portable concession stands to a specific campaign, either. Once it’s over, you can strip it and start anew without fear of structural damage.

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