Side Hustle Success: 4 Ideas For a Great Container Pop Up Shop

There are currently about 17 million shipping containers across the globe, but only 6 million are being utilized. That means that approximately 11 million containers are just sitting there, even though their possibilities are endless. One of the best ways you can use one of these containers is to purchase one and open up a pop up shop and start selling some items. Doing this is a great way to secure a secondary source of income and you’ll have plenty of fun doing it.

11Million shipping containers - Side Hustle Success: 4 Ideas For a Great Container Pop Up Shop

Here are some great ideas for earning some extra cash and opening a successful container pop up shop:

Sports memorabilia — Sports memorabilia are one of the most popular collection items out there. Whether you have a large collection of baseball cards or some items autographed by famous athletes, there are a lot of people who will pay good money for these items.

Arts and crafts — If you have already been working on your side hustle by creating some cool arts and crafts, it’s time to take it to the next level and sell these items out of your container shop. People love creative little trinkets and if you work hard enough you can earn some good money making and selling these items.

Music, movies, and books — If you have a large collection of CDs, records, cassette tapes, as well as DVDs and books, you can probably earn a lot of extra money selling these items. There are tons of people out there who collect these items and this can be a fun way to secure your side hustle.

Garage sale items — Container pop up shops can act as portable garage sale spaces, too. If you are thinking about clearing up some space around your home and don’t want to have an actual garage sale, gather up as many items as you can, toss a few “for sale” signs on them, and sell them right out of your container shop.
It’s time to start earning some extra cash doing something new and fun. If you are thinking about opening up your own container pop up shop and want to find some used or new storage containers for sale, give Integrated Equipment Sales a call right away.

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