Shipping Container 101: Everything You Need to Know

Shipping containers are extremely useful for global freight shipping. Approximately 95% of the world’s cargo is now transported via ship, and shipping containers can be seen along every shipping route in the world. These containers exploded in popularity during the era of globalization, and, in fact, they helped make this boom in global trade possible in the first place. According to Quartz, in the 20 years following the introduction of standardized steel containers, there was a 790% increase in trade among industrialized nations.

From brand new 40 foot shipping containers to used 20 foot models, these containers aren’t just great for shipping goods across international waters, they can be used for storage purposes, residential housing, and commercial needs.

If you’re interested in the after-market applications of steel storage containers, here is everything you need to know about finding and purchasing new or used shipping containers for sale:

Finding containers — There are so many containers that are currently not being utilized across the world. In fact, there are roughly 17 million containers in the world right now, but only 6 million are being used at any give time. That means 11 million containers are just sitting there, unused, when they could be utilized for all the reasons mentioned above.

Container sales — The most common sized containers available on the market are 20 feet long x 8 feet wide x 8 feet, 6 inches high, as well as 40 foot shipping containers. Though the used containers available on the market were specifically designed for international shipping — remaining in service for 10 to 12 years at a time on average — they can also be used in countless other ways.

Container modifications — Once you purchase a new or used container, you should know that there is much more you can do. These containers are more than just big boxes. Windows and doors are extremely popular modifications for turning these containers into homes, offices, or commercial stores. Additionally, some of the other container modifications offered include windows and skylights, climate control, locks, shelving, painting, interior shelving, and many other special projects.

Container delivery — Containers were designed for shipping, which makes delivery a breeze. If you’re buying a container, you shouldn’t have to worry about having it delivered to you. There are flatbed and tilt bed trailer delivery services available to provide the best devilry s/r delivery method for you and your container needs.

If you want to find high-quality 40 foot shipping containers for sale or learn more about these versatile structures, give Integrated Equipment Sales a call today.

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