Government Shipping Containers in New Jersey

In order to meet the equipment needs of the various sectors within the New Jersey Government, Integrated Equipment Sales offers a full range of new and used standard and modified ISO Shipping Containers (also referred to as Conex or Milvans).

New Jersey Governmental Shipping Containers

We offer a large array of specialty containers to meet all of New Jersey’s governmental needs. Our containers can be utilized for basic necessities such as government offices for NJ officials, or they can be specialized into complete laboratories. Containers offered vary from water tight, structurally sound storage units to containers suitable to carry ammunition or other UN Hazard Class 1 (IMDG) explosives. We offer inspectors capable of selecting containers suitable for Department of Defense shipments, a service you will not find from other New Jersey competitors. For more information please click here.

As always, our containers are completely customizable to meet all New Jersey state government needs. Complete our online form, or call us for additional information.

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