More Than Just A Mobile Office: The Power of Modifying a Shipping Container for Personal Use

steel cargo container

Remember when you were a kid and you turned a regular cardboard box into a car or a rocket ship? Your imagination took you all over the universe, and that box could be anything you dreamed of. What if you had an even bigger box and it was made of steel?

There are so many possibilities when it comes to an empty shipping container. You are more of a practical thinker now, so you may not be making plans to build a spaceship but imagine all of the real uses one could have for a big steel cargo container.

4 Unique Uses for Shipping Containers

  1. Shipping Container Deck
    One brilliant individual cleared out a steel cargo container, installed glass windows and sliding doors, added a rooftop garden, and set up a patio to create a gorgeous steel paradise in his backyard.
  2. Shipping Container Art
    Believe it or not, artists have used shipping containers as art supplies before. Some have cut the containers down and used the parts to sculpt, while others have actually built monolithic works with multiple storage containers.
  3. Shipping Container Playhouse
    Who needs a treehouse when you could have a shipping container house? Kids will love having their own little space. Just add some doors and windows, put in a safe floor, and let the kids furnish and care for their area.
  4. Stationary or Mobile office container
    No room in your house for a home office? Build yourself some private office space in the yard! If you are always on the move, why not turn a shipping container into your own custom mobile home?

As adults, we just need to channel our inner child, release our imaginations, and run wild with the possibilities. Just a few storage container modifications can turn an empty box into a playroom, or an office, or even a swimming pool! What about portable concession stands?

The shipping industry is huge. In fact, it constitutes around 90% of the world’s trade. Right now, there are roughly 20 million containers crossing the world. The container market alone is projected to grow by 5.3% between 2014 and 2017. But a lot of containers are abandoned when they are no longer needed. It is not hard to find used steel storage containers for sale, and by putting an older container to good use, you are reducing waste and creating a sustainable piece.

Take Advantage of the Space Provided by Shipping Containers

It’s an age-old problem: running out of room. In a home or a business, it’s a given that nearly everyone could use more storage space…or perhaps they would like to set up another location for their business without the hassle of purchasing real estate. What is the answer, then? One solution is to buy new or used shipping containers and have them available for the extra space you need. There are many uses for storage containers, and here are five innovative examples of how they can be put to great use.

1: Hospitals and Health Clinics
Hospitals are not traditionally made of new or used shipping containers. Yet, using storage containers to set up a hospital is an innovative concept. Climate controlled containers provide a great site for health care. In addition, the containers can easily be set up in rural areas where a full-blown construction project might be highly complicated or even prohibitive to undertake, and may also require a long time to complete.

2: College Campuses and Schools
College campuses are ideal sites to utilize shipping containers. They can be used for on-site demolition projects. They can also be used as portable concession stands, set up as a mobile office for interviews or ticket sales, and customized for specialty projects. It is expensive to build schools, but used shipping containers can create classrooms quickly.

3: A Small Private Company
A steel cargo container is a great idea for a small private company such as a landscaping business. It would be perfect storage for all the equipment that a landscaping company, or a small private construction company, would have on hand. In addition, it could also serve as a temporary mobile office for a larger project that is off-site.

4: A Large Industrial Company
There are numerous uses for storage containers by large industrial companies. When a power company or an insurance company has to set up a temporary mobile office, for instance, storage containers are ideal. Even if visiting from out-of-state, the project manager can set up their equipment and use the storage container as their on-site command center.

5: Residential Usage
Did you just purchase something very bulky that takes up a lot of room? Or, are you in the process of remodeling, or moving? If so, you may be in need of some extra room. Climate controlled containers are great for residential projects like clearing out clutter. How many of us use the garage for storage…of stuff, that is, instead of for the car? Does this sound familiar?

Shipping containers can solve this problem for you.

If you’re looking to buy storage containers for a business or a residential situation, you will easily find them. They are a great solution to a space need, such as a mobile office or way to get rid of clutter. Also, they are a great investment, because they are durable. According to Container Auction, containers can last for around 20 years, provided they get good, regular maintenance and upkeep. The bottom line is that storage containers are a great solution to space problems!

How to Stay Productive With a Hobby or Side Hustle

Now that you’ve converted a storage container into a mobile office or workspace, it’s time to get started on some projects. While being productive is a wonderful goal to have, it’s one of the most difficult things to do on a consistent basis. Even if you’re working in a field that you love, it can be hard to flip the switch and get things done when you have to. It’s time to make some changes and get more productive.

From taking breaks to listening to certain kinds of music, there are some great ways to boost your creativity while you’re focusing on your new hobby, career, or side hustle. 

  • Find an office container for sale — Approximately 50% of all containers are owned by shipping lines. But there are plenty of containers out there for sale that you can purchase and start focusing on your new career and improving your productivity. If you find an office container for sale, you can make all kind of storage container modifications to accommodate your personal and professional needs.
  • Listen to music that boosts productivity — Distractions can be brutal. A single distraction can even ruin your productivity for the entire day. However, listening to some nice music isn’t exactly distracting — it’s actually beneficial. You probably shouldn’t listen to hardcore rock and roll as loud as possible, but listening to some nice tunes will help you stay relaxed and focus more on your work.
  • Take multiple breaks — When you need a break you should take a break. It’s simple. Far too many people feel bad whenever they take a break but you need to find time to step away so you don’t burn out too fast. For every hour you work, take a five or 10-minute break and do something enjoyable like read a magazine, play a game, or go for a walk.
  • Write out a to-do-list — Writing out a daily to-do-list will help you plan out your day and stay on track. Each night before you go to sleep, try writing a few things down on your to-do list. You might want to start with some of the most important tasks so you can get to them right away, but tossing in a few simple tasks to get the ball rolling is a good idea, as well.

If you want to find a quality office container for sale and start getting some work done, contact us right away. The team at Integrated Equipment Sales is happy to help you find a storage unit with the exact dimensions you need for your projects. Give us a call today to learn more about our pricing and products available!

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