It’s Time to Rethink Your Storage Needs: 4 Great Tips

Whether you’re living on your own or with a spouse and a few kids, you could probably use a little extra space. Thankfully, there are plenty of simple things you can do to give yourself a lot more storage space.

17million containers Oct18 - It's Time to Rethink Your Storage Needs: 4 Great Tips

Here are some great tips and tricks for improving your storage needs and decluttering your busy life:

Utilizing storage containers — There are roughly 17 million shipping containers in the world, but only about 6 million of them are actually being used. That means there are 11 million steel cargo containers that are currently unused. Utilizing storage containers yourself by renting or purchasing a few and keeping all kinds of items stored safely inside is great for improving your family’s storage needs. Though the sheer amount of storage space is the main benefit of these containers, you can also acquire climate-controlled containers for weather-sensitive items, as well.

Redesign your closet space — Your closets are already used for storage, but are they being utilized fully? If you’re simply hanging clothes and leaving nothing underneath, you’re probably wasting a lot of space. By redesigning your closets, however, you’ll be able to keep a lot more items inside and out of the way.

Rent a few storage units — Sometimes even after utilizing storage containers and adjusting your storage space around the home isn’t even enough. That’s when it’s best to actually head out to a storage garage and rent a large unit or two. These storage rental units are great for keeping all kinds of items, including large machinery and lawn care products inside during the cold winter months.

Construct an under bed drawer — Think about all that extra space of your room that you’re not using under your bed. You can utilize wasted space underneath your bed by building a large drawer from MDF that slides directly under the bed. Simply attach casters to the bottom, as well as a handle on the front to allow it to slide in and out. You’ll then be able to keep all sorts of items safely underneath your bed instead of just leaving them randomly around your house, stuffed inside bedroom drawers, or spread out on your floors.

Don’t let your lack of storage overwhelm you — there are plenty of options available. If you want to check out some quality storage containers for yourself, give Integrated Equipment Sales a call right away.

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