How To Secure Your Shipping Container

Are you worried about the security of your shipping? It is understandable why you would be concerned about the security of a steel shipping container. After all, you will be storing valuables in it whether you will use it as a home, office, shop, or storage unit. Here are a few ways to enforce the security of your used shipping container.

  1. Install Lock Boxes: Steel shipping container lock boxes are made of steel, which makes it hard for someone to tamper with them. Their design will keep your padlock out of view and accessible from one direction only. This gives any lock cutter, chisels, and angle grinder a hard time accessing your steel cargo container. Most lockboxes will be welded into your steel shipping container by you or your dealer. If you would like the option of removing the steel box, use the bolt-on option. They might need a little more modification if you are using them anywhere other than the ends doors.
  2. Be Mindful About Windows: If you are extremely security conscious, you will not use windows at all. But if using your steel shipping container as an office or pop up shop, windows will be vital for ventilation and natural lighting. A window mesh or bar is the most common choice if you are looking for something permanent. Permanent windows do a great job of keeping people. They also keep small objects from breaking your windows, especially if you use mesh. If you have a great view you would not want to block; a window cover will be your best option. It similar to a lock box but it is solid steel. This is perfect for security because windows are not as secure as doors. You can either install the horizontal swing, vertical swing or bar door (horizontal slide).
  3. Fence Your Property: Security for your office container is vital whether you have started using it or not. Once you bring it to the site, do not assume that an intruder will not be interested. Instead, enforce security by ensuring that your property is well fenced to keep unwanted people out. This may not stop dedicated intruders, but it will definitely slow them down, hopefully in time for you to stop them. Fencing that has metal mesh and bars is often more secure.
  4. Hire a Security Team: A security dog is excellent at keeping intruders away. The presence of a dog and guard offer signs that help stop an unwanted visitor. A dog barks when there is an intruder, alerting you of the impending danger. And as long as there’s a guard there, someone will be able to investigate if the dog is alarmed.

A standard size shipping container can store 3,500 shoe boxes while a 40-foot container will hold 8,000 boxes or more. With this kind of storage space, it is in your best interest to spruce up the security. Leaving it open for intruders will give you a hard time when you finally start using your steel shipping container.

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