How Temperature-Controlled Shipping Containers Can Help Revolutionize the Food Industry

When most people think of shipping containers, they envision large metal containers for shipping goods via water. However, modifications are now used to help create climate-controlled shipping containers, and the food industry loves the service. There are several ways finding a shipping containers sale can help your restaurant.

Less Waste

Produce and other foods can quickly go bad, leading to most of it going in the trash if it’s not used because you don’t have the storage space necessary to store mass amounts of produce. However, climate-controlled shipping containers can help minimize waste by providing you with the required storage space. You can cut down on waste and improve your bottom line.

Fresh Food

Many restaurants have turned to pre-made food as a solution to their lack of storage. This food may not need to be refrigerated or can easily be frozen for later use. However, it’s also packed with preservatives and doesn’t taste as good as fresh food. Restaurants that serve low-quality food are usually not favorites. You can watch the business boom and the profits roll in when you start serving all your food made from fresh ingredients.

Global Access

A shipping containers sale will help you find a container that can be used for various purposes, including shipping goods overseas. Thanks to climate-controlled shipping containers, restaurants can offer services and products to a vast market. These containers will keep food fresh as it is transported from one country to another. Increased access allows restaurants to tap into otherwise unused markets, providing the necessary foundation for expansion.


More businesses, including restaurants, are striving to be more eco-friendly, and finding a local shipping container sale can help you do that. Used shipping containers can be repurposed, and modifications like insulation can help create the ideal unit for your needs. According to Forbes, fiberglass is one of the most environmentally friendly, inexpensive insulation materials because it’s made of about 30% recycled materials. You’ll also reduce waste, further helping the planet.

If you’re searching for a shipping containers sale, we’ve got you covered. We sell new and used shipping containers for various purposes, including storage, shipping, and pop-up shops. Our experienced team can help complete the necessary modifications, including flooring, insulation, shelves, and more. We can also paint your shipping container. Contact Integrated Equipment Sales today to learn more.

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