How a Shipping Container Can Be a Great Investment

Unique Uses for Storage Containers

In the past decade, repurposing shipping containers to function as more than a storage bin has grown in popularity. We see new and interesting uses for shipping containers all the time, from modular office buildings to living spaces. With a few simple modifications, these structures can not only provide a sturdy space to work with, but they also cost much less than the construction of traditional buildings. If you happen to be in the market for simple structures, or you’re a business owner looking for a cost-effective way to create a physical location for your company, you might want to consider the benefits of a pop up shop container.

The Benefits of Office Containers

A 40 foot shipping container could serve as the perfect workspace alternative to a food or coffee truck, or tiny home-office tucked into a corner of your home. While the standard individual workspace used to be roughly 80 square feet over two decades ago, workers of today have opted to save space and operate in spaces half that size, at 39 square feet on average. Adding additional doors, windows, skylights, shelving, and climate control can turn a simple container into a comfortable, easy-to-access working space.

Mobile office containers are the wave of the future, especially for those with environmental concerns. Not only does a pop up shop container take up less land space than a traditional office building, but there is also the option to choose a container that’s been constructed from recycled materials. On average, recycled shipping containers reuse around 3,500kg of steel, and their construction does not require the use of standard building materials, like brick or wood. In addition to these benefits, smaller buildings typically use far less energy than larger buildings.

Shipping Containers as Living Spaces

In addition to a pop up shop container, these units have become a sturdy housing material. Because they’re already fire-resistant, designed to withstand incredible weight, and insulated to keep the weather out, utilizing storage containers as small houses or home segments isn’t all that complicated. Many people across the U.S., Canada, Australia, and parts of Europe have already designed and built homes made out of shipping containers. In fact, shipping container homes have been constructed in London and parts of California to create an affordable housing solution in metropolitan areas.

A shipping container can be designed as a home or a business, but some business owners have made their containers double as both. Rather than building and living in a container home permanently, some small businesses have opted to create guest space, almost like a hotel, for travelers to stay in for a short period of time. It’s a great alternative to staying in a hotel for travelers who prefer a quiet stay out of public domain.

Popularity of Pop Up Shops

Running a business out of a pop up shop container has become not only a cost-effective way of bringing a business to customers, but it’s also more convenient than standard buildings being that pop-up shops are portable. Shops don’t have to stay in one space anymore, and thanks to the sturdy build of a shipping container, business owners can take their companies with them, parking at festivals, carnivals, and other large public events where they stand to expand their reach to new customers without losing established customers by relocating.

It’s a win by not only offering flexibility of location, shipping container businesses also help owners cut expenses they’d ordinarily run into with building rental, time spent out of business while in the construction and set-up phase, creation of parking space if not already established, and as mentioned, the reduction for need of building material. It should also be noted that with proper maintenance, a shipping container can last 20 years, much longer than a standard food or coffee truck.

If you’re in the market for cost-effective building material for homes, shops, eateries, or anything of the like, it might be worth your while to consider using shipping containers for your constructions. There are plenty of positives that come along with the decision to turn storage space into active space.

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