Get More Use Out of Shipping Container: 3 Creative Ideas

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Many people are unaware of the various advantages of shipping containers. Here are a few ways to take full advantage of the different ways you can use one.

Storage Containers

No matter what industry you’re in, or if you just have a lot of personal items in your home, having an extra place to store them is great. No one likes clutter in the home or in the office. Having the ability to store things that you don’t immediately need, although you might in the near future, in a safe and secure place can be great for your business or just your overall stress level. A standard twenty-foot equivalent (TEU) container can hold roughly 3,500 shoeboxes — that’s a lot of storage space.

Shipping Container Pop Up Shops

Another creative use for shipping containers is the ability to actually make some money. Haven’t you always wanted to start your own business? Or maybe you just want to begin a secondary job based on a specific hobby or interest you have. By using these containers for pop up shops, you can do just that. Maybe you have thousands of baseball cards piled up in your home just asking to be sold. Or perhaps you have collected buttons, books, or novelty mugs over the last few decades; if you have enough of something, you’ll be able to find a market for it.

Food Service Specialty

If you’ve always wanted to cook for people but don’t really have a great spot to do so or don’t want to spend all your time cooking, buying used shipping containers and making and selling your favorite dish can be a great source of secondary income. You don’t have to serve gourmet meals out of your container, either, and no one will expect you to. But you’ll be surprised at how many people will love stumbling upon your container if you create fun food items like specialty pancakes, creative burgers, or oversized ice cream.

If you want to start a new food or hobby pop up shop, keep your important items stored securely in a safe place, or just check out mobile office containers, contact Integrated Equipment Sales today!

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