Different Ways You Can Invest in Storage Container Innovation

When most people think of innovation, they rarely think of storage container innovation. That’s because those 40-foot containers seem like they really have one or two purposes, and those purposes mainly focus on what they’re actually designed for. These 40-foot shipping containers are used for storage, particularly storage while items are being shipped. However, when it comes to storage container innovation doesn’t refer to a refrigerated shipping container. Storage container innovation refers to finding new and unique uses for these storage containers.

With all of that in mind, here are just a few of the many ways that you can innovate through storage container modifications.

Storage Containers Make a Great Mobile Office

One of the best and most unique ways to use a storage container is as a mobile office. This is particularly great for companies who work in areas separate from their traditional base of operations. For instance, a construction company has a headquarters, but that’s not where the vast majority of the labor is done for that company. You need managers and supervisors working on construction sites to have somewhere they can get work done in an office setting, without leaving the location. That’s where choosing a modified shipping container comes into place. These can be turned into a reliable office space and then be taken from location to location, making them ideal for a construction company, or any other company that needs to utilize a mobile office.

Shipping Containers are Ideal for Pop Up Stores

Pop-up stores are everywhere, and there is seemingly a different store for every season. From a Halloween megastore to a Christmas shop, or even fireworks sellers in states where they are legal, these stores come and go with the seasons. For anyone who is looking to run a pop-up store, a shipping container would make an excellent option. For one, they’re mobile, which means you can set up shop where you will have the most potential customers. For instance, a pop-up surf shop would be very successful along the boardwalk in a beach town. Then, as the seasons change, you can easily move and convert your store to find as much success as possible with your store. Furthermore, because shipping containers are easy to customize and much cheaper than paying rent or a mortgage on a brick and mortar establishment, your income opportunity is higher than it otherwise could be due to lower overhead costs.

Storage Containers Make Great Concession Stands

Setting up concession stands can be difficult. The affordable route will see you popping up a tent and using a few foldable tables to try and sell basic snacks like chips and soda out of a cooler from home. A nicer concession stand that can offer warm food and space to provide more food, unfortunately, costs a lot of money. Modifying a shipping container into a concession stand is a great way to find a happy medium between these two opposites. This will give you the versatility that you don’t normally have access to, while not breaking the bank. This, in turn, will boost your concession sales rapidly, making you more money and more success than you have ever seen before.

There are so many great reasons to look into storage container innovation, from versatility to convenience. Still, perhaps the most important reason to invest in storage container innovation is that it is its own recycling program. Each reused shipping container saves around 3,500kg of steel, as well as traditional building materials like brick and wood for a structure. This means that using a modified shipping container will actually be a great environmental choice, as well as a practical choice for your business.

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