Creative Storage Solutions Using Shipping Containers

used shipping container

Shipping containers are some of the most versatile things on the planet. A used shipping container can be transformed into a pop-up shop, an office, or additional storage space. More people are purchasing shipping containers to utilize them for creative storage solutions. You can transform your shipping container into the ultimate storage solution in several ways. Let’s take a look at how you can figure out if you need certain modifications.

Consider the Purpose

Before transforming your shipping container, consider what you’ll be storing there. Cold food storage will call for additional insulation and refrigeration. Extra closet space will require flooring and plenty of shelving. Think carefully about what you will be storing in the shipping container, and then start planning to transform your used container into the ultimate storage solution.

Fabulous Flooring

A shipping container can be modified to suit your needs and style. The first thing you need to do is get flooring installed. There are various types of flooring to ensure your shipping container meets your needs. Depending on the aesthetic or functionality you’re pursuing, our team can show you our flooring options.

Superior Shelving

Storage containers have so much room that you can install ample shelving to accommodate anything you want. Opt for various-sized shelves to ensure everything fits perfectly. Consider high-quality wooden shelves for closets or storage spaces that don’t require refrigeration for additional style and appeal. Leave gaps in shelving to ensure the space doesn’t feel claustrophobic. For extra storage, like for seasonal items, consider functionality over style.


Storage areas you’ll spend more time inside call for more personalization. For additional closet space, hang paintings on the wall. Include comfortable seating options to create a personal home away from home. When you buy a shipping container from our team, we can install a few windows to ensure you have plenty of natural light.

According to Port Technology International, about 17 million shipping containers exist worldwide, but only 6 million are being used. Purchasing a new or used shipping container today ensures they don’t go to waste. Contact us to learn about our prices and the modifications we offer. We’ll be here to answer all of your questions and discuss our modification options for your purchase.

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