Can I Build a Home With a Shipping Container?

Have you seen those tiny homes made out of shipping containers? They’ve become one of the most affordable and adorable trends for homeowners today. Shipping containers are the perfect base for so many different projects; they’re practically taking over the globe! There are endless possibilities when using a shipping container to start your next project. Here’s how to let your imagination run wild.

Creating a small home seems to be the most popular option right now with the amount of housing that isn’t available. Cities are filling up so fast they can’t keep up with demand, and buying a home has never been more expensive. With these obstacles, it just makes sense to cut back on the amount of space you need and build a small home from steel shipping containers. Buying used steel storage containers for sale is cheaper than constructing a two-story home or even a one-story rancher. A large family may not be the ideal occupants for these small homes, but if you’re on your own or only living with one or two other people, you have got it made.

So next time you have a business idea or start thinking of homeownership, think about the options that come with using steel shipping containers. Shipping containers can last for over 20 years if they are well taken care of, that’s a long haul for a minimal investment.

Why Shipping Containers Are Becoming So Popular as Houses

There are many reasons why people are choosing to live outside of the traditional cultural norms these days. Shipping container houses are just one expression of a larger cultural movement toward lifestyles that value the unorthodox. However, just what has made these fun new approaches to the housing sector so popular in recent years? Here are just a few reasons why shipping container houses are becoming all the rage:

Shipping Container Houses Promote Reuse

As you may have guessed from the general application of shipping container houses, they use materials that were already used for another purpose. Because the vast majority of shipping container houses use shipping containers that were made for other purposes, such as transporting cargo, they do not need to be created using new materials. This means that shipping container houses are a great option if you are concerned with reusing materials, rather than using more materials from the ground up. When you work alongside a company that specializes in making custom modifications to used shipping containers, you will be dazzled by the possibilities of modern shipping container houses. By the end of the process you’ll probably be wondering why people choose to live anywhere else!

More Remote Workers and Reduced Workspaces

The widespread adoption of things like shipping container houses is owed, in large part, to the increase in jobs that allow employees to work from remote locations. Without having to travel to an office every single day, people have more freedom to arrange their home workspace as they like. This, in turn, has led to a similar reduction in workspace size. The average individual workstation has shrunk from 80 square feet in 1992 to 39 square feet this year. According to the major design and workspace construction firm Jacobs, that’s the average for projects that were taken on by them. If you’re wondering why shipping container houses are an excellent choice for so many people, then you need only to look at the trends in the global workforce.

Shipping Container Houses Allow You to Express Yourself

Sure you can express your unique interior design tastes with a traditional home, but you’ll never reach the level of self-expression that is possible with a customized shipping container house. Whether you’re into making a durable, rustic ambiance, or something more sleek and modern, used storage and shipping containers allow you to integrate your ideas into one of a kind designs that are special, charming and memorable. The only real limit is your imagination when it comes to shipping container homes!

5 Tips to Consider When Building Shipping Container Houses

Homes made from used shipping containers have seen an increase in popularity recently because of their strength, affordability, and friendliness to the environment. Each recycled shipping container equates to about 3,500kg of steel. It also minimizes the use of other traditional materials that aren’t necessary like wood, bricks, and mortar. If this is an option you are considering, here are five tips to consider when building shipping container houses.

1. Research Local Building Regulations

Each city has different legal regulations for shipping container home construction. Make sure to ask about any legal constraints before you desire to build. How you plan to use the home and who will occupy it will affect what regulations may apply. These regulations concern local property zoning laws, building permits, building codes, and deed restrictions.

2. Select The Right Contractor

Shipping container houses are relatively new to the marketplace. Therefore, some contractors may not have experience constructing these shipping container homes. To make things simple, you should consider one main contractor for all the work rather than delegating various sub-tasks to several contractors. Be sure to ask the contractor for proof of experience and references.

3. Choosing The Right Insulation

Spray foam insulation is generally the best choice for container homes. This will create a vapor barrier to lock out moisture. However, it typically costs more than insulation panels. If your budget is tight, you’ll want to choose the panels but plan on losing an inch of interior space per wall.

4. Considering Flooring Options

Flooring options need to be carefully considered since there are so many to choose from. Do you want tiled or carpeted floors? Do you want to update your home’s look now and then or would you prefer to install the flooring once and forget it? Consider how much your budget can afford as well.

4. New or Used Shipping Containers

One factor determining the overall cost of your home is whether you buy used shipping containers or new. Older containers are typically cheaper but can raise a number of challenges during construction. Make sure you carefully inspect any shipping containers for sale for flaws before use.

5. Proper Stacking Techniques

Shipping containers should be stacked in the same way they are placed on ships. This means they are lined up corner-post to corner-post. The corner-post sits both a little lower from the bottom and a little higher from the top of the container. This allows it to bear the weight of the container itself and any containers above it. To make sure that these containers can withstand strong weather conditions, you should lock them together securely using twist-locks.

If you are interested in shipping container houses, make sure to do your research and weigh your options carefully. Understand all the costs and regulations involved before you start building. This will help you create a sustainable home of your dreams that you can enjoy for years to come.

At Integrated Equipment Sales, we have a large variety of different used shipping containers for sale. Whether you’re looking to make a shipping container house, portable concession stands, or to take advantage of any other unique uses of storage containers, reach and out get in touch with a member of our team today. We would be happy to help you take the first step toward completing your specialty projects with storage containers.

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