Benefits of Making a Storage Container Into a Guest Home on Your Property

There are lots of ways to recycle shipping containers. According to EPA, each recycled shipping container prevents the dumping of more than 3,500kg worth of steel. By using shipping containers for construction, you will also be saving all the traditional building materials like wood, mortar, and bricks. You can turn a shipping container into an office, restaurant, or even a guest house on your property. Here are the advantages of using a steel shipping container as a guest house.

Low Construction Costs

Constructing a steel shipping container guest house is way cheaper than building a brick-and-mortar structure. If you are planning to turn the guest house into a rental, you’ll be able to recoup your money faster. Generally, a shipping container guest house would be 30% cheaper than a traditionally built home. The price can even go lower if you do some of the things on your own.


This is another huge benefit of using turning a shipping container into a guest house. There are millions of unused shipping containers around the world which are being wasted. This is especially a problem when it comes to one-use containers. They make one trip across the ocean and are never used again. As mentioned before, a 40 ft. shipping container carries around 8,000 pounds of steel. When you use a 40 ft. container, you not only save 8,000 pounds of steel but the 8,000kWh that it takes to melt it down as well. This is huge compared to about 400 kWh needed to repurpose the container.

Quick Construction

It can take you about four months to a year to construct a guest house the traditional way. On the other hand, you only need eight to ten weeks to convert a shipping container into a guest house. If you are lucky, you can get a finished unit. This means you will only need to add some features to your bedrooms and bathroom. Once you furnish it, the guests will be ready to arrive.

If you’re planning to add a guest house to your property, a steel shipping container is the way to go. You don’t spend a lot of money, and the construction will be complete in no time at all. However, to get the best results, you need to work with professionals. It’s important to let someone who has shipping container conversion experience handle the job for you. Contact Integrated Equipment Sales today if you need help with your shipping container guest house.

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