A Brief History of the Use of Storage Containers

storage containers

Do you use storage containers? Whether you use them for shipping and storing needs or for a pop-up shop, you may want to learn more about their history. Here’s a brief history of these useful containers.

They Were Created in 1956

According to TheRoundUp.org, Malcolm McLean found a way to transport goods over the ocean in 1956 when he invented shipping containers. One of the reasons he went about his invention was that he realized that having a standard-size container in global trade made it much easier to load and unload ships. He knew it could become partially mechanized and make transport easier and faster. When taking a container from a train to a ship, having such standardization would make the process seamless and easier for any company.

The Size Hasn’t Changed Much

The first shipping container from McLean was 33 feet long and 8 feet wide and tall. This properly sized container helped to reduce the cost of loading and unloading a ship. Today, the size of the containers can range from 10 feet to 20 feet to 40 feet long, and they’ll usually be 8 feet wide.

The Military Uses Them

Shipping containers don’t just ship consumer goods. The military began exploring the use of smaller containers to help move around their ammunition. During World War II, these containers helped house and ship bombs, guns, and other equipment to the front lines. Nowadays, they continue to store military items in these containers.

They Still Protect Shipped Items

The planet that is mostly made of water needs reliable ways to get goods over its seas and oceans. 90% of the goods people enjoy have to go over the planet’s seas, and 60% of them are in large steel containers. Whether you’re getting appliances, computers, fruit, or clothing, it likely came from a steel shipping container.

While storage containers as we know them go back to the 1950s, clearly human ancestors have found ingenious ways to transport goods over long distances. Thanks to steel containers, transporting goods between cities, countries, and the oceans has never been easier. For quality storage containers you can rely on, contact us today. We’ll be happy to answer any questions you may have about our storage containers.

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