4 Ways Storage Containers Are Repurposed

storage containers

There are some exciting ways that storage containers are being recycled. According to Statista, about 16 million shipping containers are circulating around the globe. About six million are earmarked for overseas. While shipping containers are essential for moving cargo, that is not the only way people utilize these containers. Here are four ways that storage containers are reimagined and repurposed.

1. Swimming Pools

Containers as swimming pools? You bet. People around the country have been converting containers into swimming pools. These containers can be outfitted with liners to make them waterproof, sunk in the ground, or installed above ground. If you can dig a hole or level the ground in your yard, you can have a container-based swimming pool. This unique way to reuse containers saves money, time, and effort.

2. Pop-Up Cafes

Do you dream of owning your own cafe but are not committed to leasing a space or buying one? A container can become a pop-up cafe that goes where the customers are. These containers can be converted into durable mobile businesses with a few adjustments. This cost-saving novel approach to owning your own business works for many small business owners. Recycling a container for a business is not only affordable but also creates the opportunity for gaining profit from portability.

3. Portable Office

A storage container can be the perfect solution if you need an onsite office. You don’t have to build an office, only to take it apart when the project is complete. A storage container office can go where you need to go and can be collected to move on to the next job site when you are done. A few modifications can transform a storage container into the perfect workspace, or as a permanent structure.

4. Homes

Some savvy homebuyers have decided that instead of new construction, they can use storage containers stacked or side by side to create a great space to live. Using containers to build a home can come with highly significant savings. Of course, these containers are built to last. They can stand up to high winds and all the other elements. Steel homes made from containers can be nearly indestructible.

Looking for storage containers to repurpose for a personal project? Contact Integrated Equipment Sales to learn more today.

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