4 Practical Military Uses For Storage Containers

No matter what industry you’re involved in, you can buy used storage containers and improve your company in a variety of ways. Whether you’re running a small business of your own and want to keep some of your valuable items in a secure storage space, you’re delivering products across the world, or want to work remotely from a mobile shipping container office, it’s important to look at these containers as creative canvases.

You can buy used storage containers and perform all kinds of modifications to accommodate for whatever practicalities you’re hoping to implement for your personal or professional life. As long as you’re working with professionals who know exactly how to perform these storage container modifications like HVAC additions, window cutouts, and more, you’ll have so many options available to you and your organization.

There are currently over 17 million shipping containers in circulation across the globe, but the number of active containers sits at 5 million, meaning that 12 million containers are just sitting there, unused, ready to be better utilized. The U.S. government and military already take advantage of these containers for their shipping purposes, but there are plenty of practical uses for these durable metal boxes, as well. Here are some excellent ways storage containers can benefit the military and government:

Recycling purposes — Though plenty of these unused containers should be used for various reasons, the sheer amount of steel that these containers possess could help improve other important sectors. For each recycled shipping container, approximately 7,716 worth of steel can be gathered to use for other military purposes.

Carry ammunition and UN Hazard Class 1 (IMDG) explosives — Since the majority of containers are water-tight and structurally sound, they can both deliver and store powerful explosives and ammunition. Additionally, these containers can be climate controlled, allowing its contents to be protected year-round.

Laboratory and scientific use — The military is full of scientists and researchers working on some of the most revolutionary developments in the world. These researchers need protected areas to work in and custom-sized durable containers are the perfect match.

If you want to learn more about better utilizing these unused storage containers across the globe or buy used storage containers, give Integrated Equipment Sales a call right away.

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