4 Benefits of Buying a Brand New Shipping Container

new shipping containers for sale

Shipping containers serve various purposes, from offering storage space to being repurposed for a new house or restaurant. When you shop for a shipping container, you can choose from used or new shipping containers for sale. Several benefits come with buying a brand-new shipping container. Let’s take a look at these advantages.

1. Zero Cross Contamination

According to Container Home Hub, 85% of all shipping containers worldwide are standard containers, which means they transport various things. They may be used to transport clothing, but a used container may have been used to transport hazardous chemicals. This is less than ideal if you plan on using your container for food storage, a restaurant, or a container home. Buying a brand-new container can eliminate any cross contamination.

2. No Dents or Dings

When you opt for a used shipping container, it’s bound to come with a few scratches or the occasional dent. While this won’t impact whether or not you can store things in the container, it can impact the aesthetic appeal of your container. If you want one in pristine shape for a new office space or pop-up shop, then new shipping containers for sale are your best option.

3. Longer Warranty Period

When you purchase a shipping container, it often comes with a warranty. That warranty varies depending on the container purchased. The warranty is typically longer for new containers, and it’s more likely to cover more, such as the brand-new seals on your container. Warranties on used shipping containers may not cover as much.

4. Better Seals

The seal on a shipping container will help maintain a consistent temperature and better security, and you can rest assured that it will be airtight. However, these seals wear down over time, which makes them less effective. When you purchase new shipping containers for sale, your seal will last longer than one several years old. Depending on what you’re storing or shipping, a new container can be essential.

If you’re searching for new shipping containers for sale, then look no further. We have a wide variety of shipping containers, including insulated containers. Contact us today for more information on new and used products! Our team can help you find the right one for you and your personal or business needs.

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