3 Storage Tips For Home Renovation Specialty Projects

Updating your home can be both stressful and exciting at the same time. You’ll need to be incredibly organized to handle all the moving parts of the process. Before tackling any specialty project around your home, you’ll need to have a plan in place to keep your belongings secure during the remodel. Here are three storage tips for home renovation projects.

Get Storage Containers

Portable storage containers give you the capability to clear items from your home while being able to still have them conveniently nearby when you need them. You can use various shipping containers to store perishable food, furniture, tools, and vehicles. There are at least 5 million active shipping containers in active circulation around the globe every year for this type of specialty project. 

There are various sizes and delivery options you can choose from. Before you rent or buy used shipping containers, be sure to get permission from your homeowner’s association if applicable. You might need to check with your local city hall to make sure you can keep these containers on your property. You may also want to invest in heavy-duty locks as well.

Create An Inventory List

It’s a wise idea to create an inventory list of all the items that will be stored during your specialty project. You can list items by either category or location to make things easier. Taking measurements of bigger items can help you immensely when you go to buy used storage containers in order to pick out the right sizes. Consider climate-controlled containers for items like electronics or appliances during times that there are any extreme seasonal changes. 

Properly Store Items

Properly storing your items can save you from much headache and stress. Label all your boxes by the room it belongs to as well as a general list of the items that are inside. Store bigger items first such as furniture in the back of the used shipping containers first. Wrap items in bubble wrap or cover them to protect them against accidental damage. By putting a bit of extra thought and planning into properly packing the containers, you’ll make unpacking a breeze

Storage containers can help make your home renovation specialty project less stressful. You’ll be able to clear the items away from the project area and store them safely until the job is finished. When your home makeover is complete, your items will be ready and waiting for their freshly renovated location.

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