3 Reasons Why Shipping Containers Are Perfect For Military Storage

used shipping containers for sale

As you scan the grounds of any military base, a common sight will be rows upon rows of drab, metallic shipping containers clustered together in storage yards. The steel boxes seem like an afterthought as they are plain, mundane vessels used to stash excess supplies and inventory. However, don’t underestimate these workhorse containers. Here are some of the reasons why shipping containers are perfect for military storage.

1. They Are Affordable and Durable

The very nature of shipping container construction makes them ideal for deployment. Built to withstand long ocean journeys and rough passages, they are inherently tough and sturdy. The rigid steel build stands up to years of heavy use with minimal maintenance required. Unlike flimsier alternatives like tents or tin sheds, used shipping containers for sale will not corrode, warp, or degrade when subjected to extreme weather shifts, dirt, debris, and continuous activity. They are impervious to rain, snow, sand, and salt erosion, making them perfect temporary structures for remote field sites and operations.

2. They Are Secure and Mobile to Relocate Your Storage With Ease

Mobility and security are also key advantages over fixed brick-and-mortar facilities. As missions evolve, operational strategy must shift in tandem. Yesterday’s priority region becomes tomorrow’s backwater. Large permanent complexes cannot be relocated once rooted in place, resulting in over-investment of resources. Used shipping containers for sale offer flexible mobility to align your storage footprint with changing demands. Standard container sizes stack together in mix-and-match configurations and can be efficiently transported intact to new locales when needed. Their steel construction also provides innate security with lockable doors and the ability to anchor units firmly to foundations against theft.

3. They Are Fully Customizable to Meet Specialized Military Storage Needs

Beyond their sturdy construction, used shipping containers for sale serve as a blank canvas. They are readily modified and combined to meet specific storage challenges. Where traditional construction requires major trade work to reconfigure, containers adapt quickly through simple modifications like shelving, workstations, and racking tailored to cargo shape and weight. Their boxy geometry also interlocks modularly for straightforward expansion. Multiple doors can be added within the steel framework to connect adjoining units into larger seamlessly integrated complexes. Used shipping containers for sale readily support the installation of climate control systems to meet temperature-sensitive storage needs and safety regulations affordably.

According to Port Technology International, there are around 17 million shipping containers worldwide, with only 6 million of these in use. The next time you see a used shipping container for sale on base, consider it a sturdy, reliable workhorse supporting critical operations. If you’re looking to purchase used shipping containers, then reach out to us today.

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