Your Guide to Packing a 40 Foot Shipping Container

Shipping containers are popular for a variety of reasons, with 17 million of them in current circulation around the globe. The most popular choice for storage containers is 40 foot containers that can be used for a wide variety of purposes. It can hold approximately 22 pallets without stacking or the contents of a three-bedroom house. Here’s your guide to packing a 40 foot shipping container.

Prepare Cargo For Loading

Use new cardboard boxes and plenty of bubble wrap when packing items. Wrap couches and tables in stretch wrap to protect them from dust and damage. You may want to consider laying down a furniture pad in the container for extra protection. Arrange items by room before loading into a 40 foot shipping container. You may want to create an inventory list to help you keep track of all your items in case something ends up missing.

Loading Shipping Containers

The loading of the 40 foot shipping container can be done either by yourself or by the shipping company professionals. It can take at least six hours to fully load one of these new or used shipping containers. When the container arrives, you’ll want to make sure it’s clean and in good condition. Write down the serial number and check the locks. Distribute items even and load larger items first.

Furniture should be loaded along the walls. If you’re loading a vehicle, drain it from gasoline and disarm the battery and alarm system. Make sure your license plate faces the door. Build a wall using plywood around the vehicle to separate it from your other cargo. Be sure to ask the shipping company about any other rules and regulations that may apply for shipping cargo.

Perform a Final Check

Once all the items have been loaded, inspect the container to ensure everything is secured. Make sure items are evenly balanced so they don’t topple over in transit. Use a padlock that’s resistant to bolt cutters to ensure your items are safe against potential theft.

By packing and loading your cargo into 40 foot shipping containers properly, you’ll make sure it arrives safe and sound. You may want to consider having professional shipping company professionals to load your items for you. To purchase a shipping container, contact Integrated Equipment Sales today.

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