Who Can Benefit From a Climate Controlled Container?

One of the fastest growing trends is using a climate controlled container for your business. This comes back to a few simple factors that steel shipping containers bring to the table. They are customizable to fit the individual needs of your business. A steel cargo container is also cheaper in several ways than traditional business locations, as it is cheaper in both initial acquisition costs and the maintenance costs on the facility in the long term. Finally, these 40 foot containers are versatile and can be moved anywhere they’re needed with ease and without taking up too much space.

So, who actually benefits from a climate controlled container?

Festivals and Fairgrounds

A climate controlled container or containers can work great when you need a series of food options for a lot of guests. That makes them a great option for fairs, festivals, carnivals, and anything similar to them. As they are inexpensive, especially when compared to building complete structures in their place, this makes them a great option to line up and offer different food options, from burgers to tacos and anything else imaginable.

Pop-Up Shops

Everyone knows about pop-up shops that appear during different holidays. Around Halloween, they sell costumes and decorations. Come Christmastime, they’ll often be found selling trees, stockings, and other traditional decorations. These pop-up shops are year-round occurrences in different iterations. This means that they enter and leave spaces quickly while needing to make as much money as possible for as little cost. They need to be in a convenient location for customers to reach. This is where the shipping containers come into play. They are cheap, customizable, and versatile, which makes container pop-up shops wildly popular and only increasing in popularity.

Seasonal Business Owners

In a ski town, what happens to businesses when the snow melts? How about an ice cream shop in a beach town during the winter months? They close down, as they are seasonal businesses who make their money for the year during one particular season. This means they need to make as much money as possible as quickly as possible. The low cost of a climate controlled container makes them a great option for businesses that operate on a seasonal cycle.

That ice cream shop at the beach doesn’t need to worry about high rent or a mortgage if they operate with a climate controlled container. Of course, they’re not limited to being an ice cream shop or a food stop in general. They could easily operate as a gift shop, selling shirts, bathing suits, and postcards. The same is true for businesses that operate during the winter months, like a coffee and donut shop at the base of a ski resort. Between cost and versatility, these are an amazing option for anyone who owns a seasonal business.

Construction Companies

Any construction company that wants to have managers on location to oversee the work being done can benefit from using a mobile office built out of a climate controlled container. This will give them an office to work out of that they can simultaneously oversee the construction from. It saves them the trouble of commuting back and forth between an office for everything that they need, which can be an extreme hassle without the portable office container.

People might think of shipping containers as being only for shipping goods from one place to another. It’s easy enough to see why, as there are over five million shipping containers in use today and another 12 million that are out of usage for one reason or another. Emphasis is placed on their usage as a means to actively ship things rather than their potential as a business solution. Consider how your business can benefit from a climate controlled container.

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