What’s Your Side Hustle? 3 Creative Ways To Use Shipping Containers This Summer

Work is difficult, but it’s something we all have to do. Hopefully, you’ve been lucky enough in life to find a job doing something that you love that also pays a pretty handsome paycheck. If not, which is the case for many, you might want to consider some sort of moneymaking side project over the summer to help fund some of the fun things you actually want to do.

Millions of Americans already have a secondary source of income, whether they’re hosting jewelry parties with their girlfriends or working as a freelancer at night. In fact, Millennials have even been called the Side Hustle Generation. And if you want to start a new side project this summer to make some extra money, you should consider using shipping containers as your new mobile workstation. No matter where you live, you can easily find both used and new storage containers for sale that will suit almost any purpose.

Need some inspiration for your new summer side hustle? Here are a few creative ways to make some extra cash this year — just don’t forget to check out new storage containers for sale to act as your new headquarters.

Professional writer

There are plenty of websites and publications that will pay you a decent amount of money to churn out quality content. Or perhaps you’re finally ready to buckle down on that epic novel you’ve always planned to write. If you’ve always wanted to be a writer but never really pursued that as a viable career choice, this is your second chance. If you own your own home and have some unused property, then a few simple storage container modifications are all you need to create the ultimate writing room.

Pop-Up Restaurants

If you have a culinary streak but never had a chance to put your talents to work, then modified shipping containers might be exactly what you need to get started. Opening up a new restaurant from scratch requires a lot of investment, hard work, and risk. That’s why more and more aspiring restaurateurs are instead cutting their teeth with food trucks and pop-up restaurants. Not only are steel shipping containers perfectly portable, but they’re also a great option for your first culinary adventure.

Art Studio

Not all side hustles are about making money; some young professionals just want to put their creative talents to good use. If you need an outlet for all of your untapped creative energy, then modified shipping containers can make the ideal mobile art studio. You can use it as your home base when creating new artistic masterpieces or use it to exhibit your finished pieces. Either way, you’ll need some sort of physical location to do serious work.

Today, there are an estimated 17 million shipping containers in the world, but just 6 million of these are actually in use. That means there are millions of shipping containers just waiting to be repurposed. If you want to learn more about creative ways to use your new workspace, or find new storage containers for sale, contact Integrated Equipment Sales today!

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