What You Need to Know About Making a Log Cabin Home With a Shipping Container

In theory, making a log cabin home using a storage container seems straightforward, but the process isn’t always as easy as it seems from the onset. For instance, you must ensure the extra home space is structurally strong, beautiful, and sustainable because, according to Container Auction, storage containers can last up to 20 years if you maintain them regularly. Keep reading to get more insights on building log homes using shipping containers.

View the Construction Material Before Purchasing

When purchasing a storage container, you may not be able to do a complete walkthrough, especially if it is in a port miles away from you. However, you can ask the seller to share detailed pictures and videos with a thorough description of the container.

As you look through the storage container, check for dents to determine its age. Ensure you receive one that’s in good shape. However, you might want to avoid brand-new storage containers since they can be relatively costly. All in all, get a glimpse of the building materials before you start the project.

Know the Local Building Codes

If you’ve completed a building and construction project, you’ll agree that the sector is highly regulated. Many cities have particular restrictions against using certain materials to build homes. Therefore, before you invest in buying and shipping storage containers, check the local building codes. As you do your research, start with the various governing bodies that will advise you on property zoning, deed restrictions, and specific laws that impact container homes.

Get a Qualified Contractor

Because container homes are a relatively new niche, it can be difficult to find a competent contractor. Be advised to take things slowly and find a person who has a proven track record. You’ll be guaranteed to get a good-looking and structurally-spot-on container home. Integrated Equipment Sales is a great place to start!

When purchasing storage containers, you can’t go all in without looking at the nitty-gritty details. A home is a long-term investment, so don’t make a rash decision without seeing the container, knowing local legislation, and employing a qualified contractor. Be sure to check those boxes before you proceed. Visit us to discuss how we can provide you with a container to turn into a functional log cabin that will enhance your property outlook and boost its value.

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