What Items Should Be Stored In Climate Controlled Containers?

Climate Controlled Shipping Containers

Climate controlled containers are units that help to protect possessions from various elements. There are plenty of items that should be stored in a climate controlled unit. Let’s examine some of the items that should be stored in climate controlled containers to ensure that valuables and sensitive items remain in their best condition once shipped.

Wooden Furniture

Whether it’s antique wooden furniture, classic wooden furniture, or contemporary wooden furniture, wooden furniture should never be exposed to the elements. Elements such as temperature fluctuations, moisture, and mold have the potential to degrade and even warp even the most well–crafted wooden furniture. Climate controlled containers are the perfect solution for shipping. The furniture pieces will remain intact, and the wood structure of the pieces will never be compromised.

Electronic Equipment

Electronic equipment is another item that should always be stored and shipped in climate controlled containers. Perhaps you have a mobile office and need storage of computers, computer parts, audio equipment, or some other type of electronics. You should choose a quality climate controlled office container as the best storage and shipping solution. Even the tiniest amount of moisture can have a huge impact on the functionality of your electronics.

Small amounts of humidity can short circuit electronic equipment, causing effects to their operation that will be of no benefit to you. Rusting can also be a huge concern when storing and shipping electronic equipment. Your electronic equipment is an investment, used for specialty projects and more. So, place that investment into sturdy, climate controlled containers for safe shipping and storage.

Important Documents

If you’re shipping and storing important documents for any length of time, you want your containers to be climate controlled. Tax files, birth certificates, contracts, home deeds, legal documents, and other important paperwork should always be stored in climate controlled containers. Shipping them in regular mobile office containers may cause degradation. The paperwork may also become illegible.

Medical and Pharmaceutical Supplies

Your medical and pharmaceutical supplies should always be shipped in climate controlled containers. You may also want to check your prescription bottles to see what the correct storage requirements are. Generally, medical and pharmaceutical supplies have recommended temperature ranges printed on the bottles.


Do you have rare and valuable artwork that must arrive at another destination? Choose climate controlled containers for storage and shipping. When you pack your art in a climate controlled container, the artwork will remain in pristine condition because fading, chipping, fracturing, and cracking are kept at bay.

The Importance of Climate Controlled Containers

Each of these items should be shipped in climate controlled containers. Wood, for example, can become cracked, warped, or even rotted from moisture and humidity. Electronics can also rust, crack, or even break. You want your items free of mold and mildew too. Climate controlled containers are also beneficial if you plan on storing your items for months or even years. Climate controlled units are also ideal if you live in a region prone to high humidity or heat.

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