What Can You Build With Storage Containers?

When it comes to storage container conversion, there is almost no limit to what you can build. Storage container modifications can easily be made by experienced professionals, making it so that any storage container innovation that you can dream up can be completed. From residences to commercial spaces, the uses for storage containers can be endless. Below are a few different answers to the question of what can you build with storage containers.

A Tiny Home

One of the more popular ways to reuse a storage container in a new way is to convert it into a shipping container house. Tiny homes are very popular right now as the desire for minimalist, eco-friendly homes increases. Shipping container homes can be customized to fit your exact needs, whether you want skylights, extra doors, or anything in between. The solid structure of the shipping container creates a great base to make the tiny home of your dreams.

Shipping container houses are eco-friendly because they are directly reusing materials, which is one eco-friendly way to give a shipping container a new life. Using a used shipping container is the most eco-friendly option since the container may otherwise be disposed of in a way that is not environmentally friendly.

A Restaurant

Another popular answer to the question of what can you build with storage containers is a restaurant or restaurant pop up. You can have any kind of kitchen that you want to be built into a shipping container, whether that is a concession stand container or a full kitchen container. Having a pop up can be great for publicity and to gauge interest in a new location for a restaurant so you can expand. Once again, professionals can customize your storage container to be exactly the way you want it to be to meet your needs.

A Pop Up Shop

Another great use for storage containers is as a place to host a container pop up shop. Container pop up shops can be used as a seasonal location for a shop or as a temporary location for a shop that is primarily online. During the holiday season, having a pop up shop container with products from different local businesses can be a great way to draw in different customers. A shipping container can be customized to include windows, doors, and skylights that can make it a perfect retail space that then can be packed up and stored until the next time a pop up shop happens.

Although storage containers are still used for traditional shipping and put on ships up to 1,300 feet long and 180 feet wide, the question of what can you build with storage containers can have many more answers than simply a storage area. Reusing storage containers instead of letting them end up being thrown away or otherwise put into disuse is helpful to the environment and can be helpful to you or your business as well.

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