Tips For Marketing Your Popup Concession Stand

Shipping Container Modification - Bagel ShopCargo container modifications are getting increasingly creative. From housing to portable office spaces, the uses for shipping containers are seemingly endless. And among all of these uses, portable concession stands continue to be one of the most popular. If you have recently started one of these establishments, it’s now time to market it. These are just some ways that you can use digital marketing for your business’s success.

Use Instagram trends well.
Popup food vending is particularly trendy right now, and no platform absorbs trends quite like Instagram. Be sure to use Instagram stories to give a behind-the-scenes look at daily operations. You can also use creative posts to reveal your location and share your specials for the garden shipping container

Create a custom hashtag.
Hashtags are the new word of mouth. Create a snappy hashtag that isn’t being used by anyone else and encourage customers to use it when posting their delicious food. This way, their friends will see your business online and want to come there themselves.

Find your local food bloggers.
Foodie culture goes a long way when marketing portable concession stands. Research local food bloggers and writers. Then reach out to them to encourage a visit to your stand. Their review or post could be significant when drawing in new customers.

Know your demographic.
As with traditional marketing, digital marketing is all about your target audience. If you are targeting college students, for example, you will want to post content that students will identify with. Pay attention to what these groups are talking about and use it for your own marketing strategy.

Display your online presence.

People might not think to search for you online initially, so be sure to create some eye catching signage. Chalkboards are especially trendy right now, but be sure to hire an artist to create one for you. Include your website, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram handles on the board so people can follow while they are standing in line.

About 675 shipping containers are lost at sea each year, but with the right effort on your part, your shipping container will be far from lost. By marketing your container pop up shop creatively and frequently, you can draw in new customers and maintain the ones you have. Just be sure to adjust your strategy as the industry evolves. This way, you can keep up with trends and stay relevant in the digital world.

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