Three Important Elements of Climate Controlled Containers

Repurposed shipping containers are becoming more and more common and more and more versatile. From shipping and storage to alternative occupancy and creative structures, the durable and cost-effective containers are being used in new ways every day. Many of the innovations are at the consumer end, but some resourceful shipping container dealers are ahead of the game. They’re preparing the containers for varied uses before they’re sold or to specifications. Integrated Equipment Sales is a leading expert on shipping container modifications. We modify shipping containers to be mobile offices, portable concession stands, and many other uses. We build custom egresses, windows, and skylights, and even create climate-controlled containers.

Climate controlled containers have a broad range of important uses and applications. Perishable goods, sensitive products that require temperature control such as fine woodwork and musical instruments, and even operating motors, generators, and other equipment. Read on for three smart and functional uses for climate-controlled containers.

About Climate Controlled Containers

Integrated Equipment Sales modifies shipping containers to be climate controlled by equipping them with HVAC units and building in thorough insulation. Climate controlled containers are prepared not only to cool container interiors but also to stabilize temperature ensuring that goods never reach extremes of heat or cold. Our climate-controlled containers don’t compromise important elements of functionality: our climate-controlled containers are secure, accessible, and dependable.


Security means not only that goods in our climate-controlled containers are safe and protected. It also means that our durable containers will last and remain secure no matter their use. The majority of repurposed shipping containers have spent a great deal of time at sea, as research shows that 95% of the cargo that travels around the world travels by sea. This fact means that the containers are exposed to the ravages of salt and water. Climate controlled containers protect goods from the elements and remain durable once their shipping careers are over.

Comfort and Versatility

Climate controlled containers are a great solution for various habitation and retail needs. Shipping container homes, office containers, shipping container pop up shops, mobile offices, and other new ways of using shipping containers for occupation require comfort and versatility. Temperature control is vital in shipping containers used in this manner. Kiosks, leased space, and cubicles are providing less and less space for workers every day: workspaces have shrunk by more than 50% in less than 20 years. Climate controlled containers, which can be as large as 40 square feet are becoming a common solution.

Accessibility and Functionality

Of course, the most common use for climate-controlled containers is storage. Our standard containers can easily store the equivalent of 3,500 shoe boxes. Larger containers can handle almost 9,000 shoe boxes. Any of our containers can be modified for climate control. Also, they can be outfitted with windows, doors, custom lock fixtures, and to satisfy other needs. Your stored goods will be secure from the elements, from extreme temperatures, and be readily accessible.

Climate controlled containers are efficient, versatile, durable, and secure. They allow you to store perishable goods, sensitive equipment, and temperature-sensitive goods safely and confidently. And they can readily be modified for all kinds of personal and business occupancy. Learn more about how climate-controlled containers can be a solution for your business, personal, or creative needs.

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