The Benefits of Using Shipping Container Concession Stands

Container living entails modifying shipping containers and using them as storage spaces, houses, shops, or concession stand containers. It is becoming more and more popular all over the world since construction doesn’t last long and costs significantly less. If you have a cargo shipping container lying around, you could use the following tips on how best to convert it into a useful and aesthetically appealing space.

1. Container Homes.

Container homes are becoming quite prevalent, mostly due to their elegance, structural versatility, and affordability. Many prospective homeowners prefer buying used shipping containers and having them modified over building a concrete house from scratch. Although most people use standard 40 foot containers, it is also possible to get custom-built units.

2. Portable Offices.

With the inception of container fabrication, portable container offices are making their mark on the industry. Such offices have proven to be very useful to business owners whose market is widely spread out. For example, to an insurance salesman who goes from town to town selling insurance.
Most companies offer complete interior finishing, insulation, heat, and air conditioning. Larger windows are also installed, allowing huge amounts of light into your office.

3. Backyard Escape Spaces.

Life can be extremely stressful at times. Sometimes all you want to do is get away for a while, enjoy a cup of coffee, and read a large book. That old steel shipping container sitting on your backyard could be your escape.

Many companies offer a variety of cargo container modifications, including solar connectivity, shelving, painting, and A/C installation. What are you waiting for?

4. Farming Containers.

This trend has revolutionized farming, in that even people in the city can grow food and other plants right on their backyards. Shipping containers can be converted into ‘greenhouses.’ And with proper lighting, aeration, and controlled temperatures, you can grow mushrooms, tomatoes or even tree seedlings inside your farming container.

5. Concession Stands.

Concession stands are places where customers can buy food or snacks at a special event, concert, or park. Concession stand containers are now in wide circulation since they are usually mobile and hardy. Building a portable concession stand from steel shipping containers offer the following benefits:

· Environment-Friendly.

Did you know that more than a third of all the material found on landfills is waste from on-site construction projects? Concession stand containers are fabricated elsewhere and delivered to your location. Since most companies use sliding glass doors, you won’t have to use wooden doors, and that is one tree left unharmed.

· Fast and Affordable Construction.

Constructing concession stand containers doesn’t take a lot of time. Since less labor and fewer materials are required, you are likely to spend 25% to 60% less than you would have. This saves you lots of money, which you could inject into the business.

· Durable and Pest Resistant.

Steel cargo containers are made from strong steel. Because of this, they are less susceptible to the elements of weather compared to wooden stands.

Wooden stands usually attract pests like woodlice that feed on the structure, thus compromising its integrity. However, concession stand containers are made from materials that are pest resistant. Since your walls aren’t made from wood, you don’t have to keep treating them with pesticides.

· Secure.

Since concession stand containers are made from steel, they are very hard to get into. Many cargo container modification companies offer lock installation services, which would enable you to lock up your stand at the end of the day and keep everything safe. This way, you are sure all your stock and equipment remain safe all through the night.

Making concession stand containers for your business can prove to be a brilliant long term decision. Shipping containers, if taken care of properly, can last up to 20 years. Since that makes for 20 rent-free years, your business is likely to make vast profits over time.

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