Strange and Unusual Uses For Shipping Containers, And Normal Ones Too!

IES storage container modifications

What is the most popular method to transport cargo? By ship! Cargo moves over the ocean account for 95% of international shipping. That means there are a lot of shipping containers out there–with 40-foot, 20-foot, and 10-foot varieties being among the most popular–and these containers are being put to some pretty unlikely uses. In this article, we’ll explore the strange and typical uses of modern storage containers.

Five Crazy Makeovers For Used Shipping Containers

  1. Portable offices and portable concession stands are just the beginning. The impromptu putting green is among the most peculiar uses for shipping containers, used shipping containers, and storage container modifications. The container for the golf-crazed will require shipping container modifications like adding electricity and removing one of the walls. Add artificial grass, a realistic sand trap, and a few challenging golf holes, and your dream container doubling as a personal golf course is just about complete!
  2. National Geographic aired a reality television series from 2011 to 2014 about preppers and survivalism. The show was called Doomsday Preppers. Currently, you can watch it on popular streaming services like Amazon Prime Video and Netflix. …Or you can try your hand at creating a shelter in your own backyard! A growing number of Americans are taking precautions in the event of political unrest, world war, or disastrous climate change. Join them with a fully stocked dry or refrigerated storage container. Although refrigerated containers typically require electricity, they have insulating effects that may temporarily help keep goods cool. Equip emergency shelters with storage container modifications like a generator, and stockpile necessities like clothes, batteries, flashlights, non-perishable foods (a three day supply or more), water, wood, matches, and a can opener.
  3. Another atypical use of used shipping containers and storage container modifications are hunting and fishing spaces. Cabins can be expensive and entail difficult or bothersome upkeep. Plus, a cabin in the woods often evokes a romantic getaway or family camping trip–not a hunting or fishing trip. Stow all fishing and hunting equipment safely and securely using a modified shipping container. Shipping containers are designed to withstand water damage and extreme weather and to travel when you need them to, making the perfect safe haven or home away from home for hunting and fishing.
  4. Another modern twist on the used shipping container is a pool made out of a used storage container. These pools are low-maintenance, durable, water-resistant, and long and skinny. The long and skinny pools are visually compelling and ideal for training and swimming laps.
  5. Finally, it’s not exactly a secret: tiny homes are rising in popularity and storage container modifications are the perfect foundation for your tiny home. Containers are durable, weather-resistant, and adaptable. As an added bonus, they look contemporary and modern, doubling as trendy and functional. Plus, shipping containers are generally used or recycled, lowering your carbon footprint. Unlike most tiny home materials, used containers are stackable. In other words, if you get a cat or two or need extra space for a nursery, you can stack containers on top of each other for more room.

Dry Cargo, Hazardous Cargo, and Refrigerated or Frozen Cargo

With containers being converted into elaborate, personal putting greens, emergency shelters, and even long-term residences, you may wonder: what are shipping containers used for in the first place? That is an excellent question, and one with pretty straightforward answers. Freight companies use shipping containers to transport all kinds of goods–from dry goods like paper and grain and caustic chemicals to perishables, like fruits and vegetables or frozen fish. Containers can also be used to ship farm equipment, like tractors and tractor parts, or commercial vehicles, personal automobiles, and automobile parts.

The life of a shipping container can be a highly variable one. Purchase a used shipping container or storage container modifications to lower your carbon footprint and explore all of the exciting and creative possibilities.

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