Shipping Containers: The Perfect Office Space

When looking for a unique office space to house your organization, price is often the main concern. During the recession, architects were trying to find ways to deliver awesome and unique buildings at a price that people could afford. This is when architects caught on to the growing popularity of using shipping containers to meet all types of needs unrelated to shipping. Creating office spaces out of containers is an easy way for people to make great use of containers, at a much lower price than building something from the ground up

At IES we offer shipping containers specifically tailored for office spaces, complete with windows, doors, air conditioning and electricity. These containers are perfect for small businesses and large organizations alike; so take a look at the endless possibilities that only require a little out-of-the-box thinking.

Multiple Offices:

For those of you that like to think big, I present to you a complete box office complex made from shipping containers. Rather than just having one stand alone shipping container office, architects thought bigger and stacked various containers to create an aesthetically pleasing look.

Image via Tree Hugger

After stacking and welding the containers together, walls were knocked out to create a more open floor plan. It only took a couple of days to get the containers into place, a much faster process than building an office from the ground up. This incredible office space just needed some plumbing and paint to create an amazing, comfortable and unique office space at the fraction of the cost of a conventional building. These office spaces have garnered worldwide attention for their eco-friendliness and striking looks.

Work From Home:

Many people work from home, but do not have enough space to get the job done. Often times this leaves home owners wishing to build upon their current home for an extension of space, or forcing them to take on the rent of a small office building. For those yearning to have the convenience of working at home, with adequate space, a shipping container is the perfect option.

Image via JetsonGreen

The cost of the average shipping container is around 2-3K, a much less expensive option than adding on to your home. Shipping containers available at IES that will be used as office spaces come equipped with electricity hookups, so your office space will be ready in less than a day! This takes away the hassle of the often long and expensive construction process.

An added bonus, should you ever decide to move, your home office is portable. This will allow for easy transport of your office space without the hassle of renting out something new.

The Small Business:

Startups and small businesses can definitely benefit from the portability, inexpensiveness, and ease of shipping container office spaces. When starting out, most businesses need the space of a small office but don’t have a ton of money to blow on renting out a space. With a shipping container, you pay a small price and then have complete ownership over your space. It is an easy and low-risk option for businesses just starting out.  And, have the option of mobility, so that your space can be moved to a different location if and when the time is right. With a shipping container space, you can focus on getting work done from the get-go rather than worrying about finding the right space.

custom container office

Image via IES

Rather than stressing about finding the right office space for your budget, look no further than the shipping containers available to you at Integrated Equipment Sales. Our team is here to help meet your needs, big or small, so that you can get to work!

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