Cargo Container Modifications For New And Used Containers

Whether new or used, we proudly offer our storage container modification services for all shipping containers. Our credible team of skilled representatives is here to guide and assist you through the entire process. Once they learn about your particular application, they will go above and beyond to meet your exact needs, while making necessary suggestions and adjustments along the way.

With our cargo container modifications, a container is more than just a big box. Windows and doors are some of our most popular modifications to begin turning a container into a store, office, or home. No matter what you’re using your container for, a new coat of paint, storage shelving or cabinets can keep your new space more organized. Add ventilation, heating, air conditioning, insulation and interior furniture and your field office, command post or dormitory can have the comfort of a permanent structure for a fraction of the cost!

IES has extensive experience in storage container modifications. From custom doors, windows and skylights, climate control, interior options, locks, shelving, painting, as well as many other specialty projects, we are here to make your vision come to life. Check out some of our shipping container transformations to see how we can fit cargo containers into your expansions plans!

For more information on new shipping containers for sale or to request a quote for a used container with your cargo container modification requirements, call us today at (732) 283-1910 ext. 239 or complete our online inquiry form.

shipping container modifications shipping container modifications


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