3 Reasons to Use Steel Shipping Containers For Pop Up Shops

Shipping ContaIners For Pop Up Shops

As a business owner, you may be considering having your own pop up shop in your local community or in a new area where you’re considering expanding your business to. Pop up shops can help you widen your brand visibility, sell more products, and ultimately expand your active customer base. If you’re routinely participating in pop ups, it’s a good idea to invest in a pop up shop that you can set up and transport from one location to the next with the least amount of effort possible. This is why steel shipping containers are a great option when it comes to creating your portable pop up shop.

Room For All Of Your Products

A standard TEU shipping container can hold somewhere around 3,500 shoe boxes. This means that whatever you sell, you’ll be able to fit enough inventory for the duration of your pop up shop into your pop up shop shipping container. If you have a larger, 40 foot shipping container, you could fit the equivalent of 8,000 shoe boxes, which would allow you to keep even more inventory on site if you plan on having longer pop ups.

Designed to Be Transported

Steel shipping containers are literally designed to be shipped and transported, which means you’ll have an easier time getting your shipping container pop up to your pop location. You’ll just have to arrange for a truck to take your container to your pop up shop location from your business’ or warehouse’s property and back at the end of your pop up event. When you arrive, you’ll just have to open up your container’s doors and you’ll be ready to go!

Easy Set Up

With a steel shipping container pop up shop, you can set up your shop entirely ahead of time and just arrange small, moveable items once you’ve arrived. Instead of showing up and assembling a tent, tables, chairs, clothing racks, shelves, or more, you can already have these things assembled inside your shipping container shop. This means that you’ll have more time to add small finishing touches and not have the stress of making sure that the larger parts of your pop up are present and set up — they’ll still be in the container from your last pop up!

When it comes to uses for shipping containers, pop up shops are a great option. Not only are you reusing a container and therefore being more sustainable, you can also reap the benefits of using a pop up shop. From easy transportation to room for all of your products, steel shipping containers are the perfect choice for your business’ pop up shop.

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