Worldwide Shipments Providing Assistance to Puerto Rico Following Hurricanes

Puerto Rico Hurricane Assistance 2018

Puerto Rico is still in major need of worldwide assistance following the two devastating hurricanes last summer.

After Hurricane Maria and Hurricane Irma struck Puerto Rico, so much damage occurred in every aspect of the island’s entire infrastructure. Homes were destroyed, people were misplaced, lives were lost, and so much more devastation occurred. Winds of up to 154 miles per hour ravaged homes, buildings, and power lines. So much was lost.

Thankfully, groups and organizations around the world — as well as the hard working people of Puerto Rico — are coming together to provide as much assistance as possible and get the island back on its feet.

One great way for the world to help Puerto Rico is by donating anything and everything. Across the globe, steel cargo containers are being filled with food, money, toys, tools, and all kinds of items that can help in some way. A standard twenty-foot equivalent steel cargo container can actually hold around 3,500 shoe boxes, and some larger shipping containers can hold more than 8,500 shoe boxes.

If all those shoe boxes were filled with helpful items and those shipments went out from all around the world, there would be some major assistance coming to the island. Luckily, that’s exactly what is happening.

Perhaps more important than any single item (aside from food), medical supplies are being packaged into storage containers and shipped to the island as well.

According to Relief Web, a fresh shipment of medicine and other essential medical supplies arrived on the island in the days before the New Year.

Over 100 pallets of emergency medical supplies arrived at the ABF Freight warehouse in San Juan, Puerto Rico and were divided up into smaller shipments to go to health clinics across the island. Health providers and their employees did all they can to organize these medical items and get them to their correct designations.

“We felt that we we owed it to the patients to help them in these terrible times,” said Marirosa Rosado, of Eli Lilly. “We were really proud to help.”

Thankfully there are people in this world who are willing to donate and help their neighbor’s who are in need — even if those neighbors are thousands of miles away. If you want to check out steel cargo containers or used shipping containers for sale, contact Integrated Equipment Sales today.

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