Seven Reasons Why You Should Use Shipping Containers for Your Next Project

When we think of the mammoth global shipping industry, the first word that comes to mind is not typically “upcycling”—yet it actually represents a key element of this process. Innovative companies have figured out countless creative uses for shipping containers, benefiting both consumers looking to save money through unique solutions and the environment at large through the reduction of material waste. As this inventive construction method gains traction, we are constantly seeing new uses for this extremely versatile piece of equipment. Whatever your idea, using steel shipping containers to realize it comes with a whole host of benefits. Here are the top seven:

  1. Lessens environmental impact
    Utilizing steel shipping containers for specialty projects rather than ending their product cycle post-shipment ends up saving about 3,500kg worth of steel. Even when new shipping containers are used, the environmental impact is reduced through circumventing the need for traditional building materials.
  2. Provides more predictable construction costs
    When purchasing new or used shipping containers from a purveyor such as Integrated Equipment Sales, you will get an exact quote for your new shipping container house, portable office, or whatever your project may be. You can have peace of mind knowing that there will be no surprise materials or labor costs.
  3. Expedites the construction process
    No one with a great new idea for business wants to wait for months as the building is created. Using steel shipping containers can help get your idea on the ground as soon as possible. Less time waiting and more time doing makes for more efficient business, and a fuller life.
  4. Adds a unique flair
    Restaurants, cafes, theaters, and even art galleries can benefit from the interesting atmosphere which steel shipping containers provide. These quirky yet functional structures can increase traffic by virtue of their unique style.
  5. Improves access to key resources
    The low cost of steel shipping containers means that they can help bring schools, offices, and hospitals to communities which would otherwise be unable to afford such buildings. For colleges and other learning centers, shipping containers can serve as everything from classrooms, to labs, to student residences.
  6. Aids in disasters
    The speed with which steel shipping containers can be converted and placed makes them ideal solutions for areas that have been hit by natural disasters, whether it be earthquakes, flooding, or forest fires. The equipment can serve as temporary homes for those whose houses have been destroyed.
  7. Possesses unparalleled mobility
    Typically, once a construction project has been completed, there it remains. With steel storage containers, however, whatever use the equipment has been repurposed for, it can generally be picked up and moved elsewhere with relative ease. This is perfect for individuals with wanderlust, who nonetheless appreciate the comfort of having their own private residence.

With all these possibilities and benefits, there is no reason to delay! Join the ever-growing number of people using a shipping container to realize their vision.

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