Re-purpose Your Space, Your Life… And An Old Storage Container?

Shipping is a bigger deal than you might think. It actually accounts for 90% of world trade. Those big, metal boxes you’ve seen riding cargo ships at busy, industrial ports (you know, the ones that look like neatly stacked colorful children’s blocks from afar) are just some of the roughly 20 million containers crossing the world. Full of goods and loaded by huge cranes, the container market is expected to grow by 5.3% between 2014 and 2017.

But wait… have you ever thought about what else shipping containers could be used for, besides — well — shipping? If you consider their stable structure, simple design, and durable materials, their versatility and ability to act as literal building blocks for whatever you want becomes more and more obvious.

Shipping Containers: The Design Blocks of the FutureHere are a couple of examples for re-purposing shipping containers, and taking advantage of a golden opportunity when you see a used storage container for sale:

1. Micro homes
You may have seen a documentary, a video clip, or an online article about micro homes. You might even have walked past one without noticing! Ergonomic micro homes are an appropriate response to an ever exploding population and the fast growing environmental movement. The adaptable steel shipping container is the perfect shape and size for those wishing to leave less of an environmental footprint, so it’s no mystery why prospective residents opt to buy used shipping containers.

2. Mobile Offices

That sniffling in the cubical two over and one down isn’t just annoying — it has a real effect on the health of an office. In a study that included over 2,400 workers, researchers found that as the amount of people working in a single room increased, so did the number of workers who took sick leave. Cargo container offices are a low cost, hip way of expanding a workplace without having to uproot the whole company.

3. School extensions

Over crowding in schools has long been a problem, and many of them have attempted to alleviate the problem by increasing class sizes or by paying for costly school extension trailers. Custom containers are excellent alternatives to the traditional trailers, have less environmental impact, and are easily transported. Talk about a stimulating and educational learning environment! Don’t hesitate when you see a used storage container for sale!

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