New vs. Used Storage Containers: Which One Should You Purchase?

When you think about containers, a 40-foot-high shipping container comes to mind. Modifications to these cargo containers are also extremely common. You can convert them into an array of storage units, container pop up shops, and even mobile offices. Before we look at what you can use a storage container for, we’ll compare and contrast new and used storage containers and what their remarkable differences are.

New vs. Used Storage Containers

The main difference between new vs. used storage containers is that one type is obviously older than the other. But that’s like scratching the surface of a rock. There are a multitude of other differences a customer needs to know if they are to get value for their money.

The majority of new container manufacturing is happening in the far east. All containers you find in Europe, hired or sold, have been shipped one way from their manufacturing site in the far east. When you buy a used shipping container, expect that it will come in the original shipping line color and will have probably be shipped globally before it was put up for sale.

A new shipping container has the life expectancy of approximately 25 years. Most used containers have transported cargo to close to nine years before they are put up for sale. You are likely to see a few dents and rust patches here and there which is industry standard. Mostly, these are cosmetic issues you can fix with a little paint job. New shipping containers are still used to transport cargo but will have little to no scratches and dents. They will also not need any paint job.

If you are looking for a specific color, you are more likely to get it if you go with a new shipping container. In most cases, new shipping containers will come in color green or blue, but you can request a specific color if you so wish. Used shipping containers do come in different colors as well. However, you are not guaranteed to get a particular color, and you may have to go with what you get.

A new container has a few advantages here. First, the doors will not be stiff, which makes it easy for you to open and close your storage unit. Secondly, new shipping containers come with a slimline lock box that is fitted in the factory and ready to use. This type of lock offers the best security option for your storage unit.

Another critical feature in a new container is that it is multi vented, which significantly reduces the chances of condensation. This reduces the likelihood of the container rusting, which further increases its durability. A used container usually has less ventilation, which makes it susceptible to a lot of heat during the warmer seasons and extremely low temperatures during the cold seasons. You can, however, install insulation and heating systems to keep things comfortable, especially if your idea is to have houses or offices made out of shipping containers.

Should You Buy Used or New Containers?

The answer to this question will mostly depend on the use you have in mind and your budget. There is nothing wrong with buying either a new or used container. If you don’t mind a few scratches and dents, a used container will serve you as good as a new one. Also, the color should not deter you. Paintwork will be an added cost, but one that is worth it if you are really eyeing a specific color.

New vs. used storage containers have a lot of similarities as they do differences. Around 675 containers are lost at sea every year, but the ones that make it to the market are made to last for decades and will give you value for your money.

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